How to Track Your Baby’s Development

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For every expectant mother, knowing your child’s step by step development starting from conception does not only give you the chance to understand the changes that is happening to you but will also give you the a reason to look for ways you can take care of yourself and the baby inside. Having a pregnancy calendar will help you keep track of your baby’s development. You can always have a baby growth guide from your physician or from any other reliable sources in which you can compare and contrast the real life changes that you are experiencing. By doing so, you will be aware if your pregnancy is having deviations or not.

Your womb is considered your baby’s haven for nine long months. Whatever you take in will be readily welcomed in the womb. As you track baby’s development, you should also be careful about the food you take in. You should now avoid those intakes that can possibly bring about danger to your baby’s health. You have been subject to changes in the immune system that makes you sensitive to food-borne diseases. Refrain from taking in eggs, sushi and unpasteurized milk as you track pregnancy week. These foods may contain salmonella and other ill-inducing parasites. The safest possible intake for you and your baby are fish that have omega-3 which aids in the baby’s brain development. However, there are some variety of fish which you should not feel eating more than two meals a week because they are known to have mercury such as salmon, canned tuna and shrimp. Though this, you are ensuring a good health for you and your baby along with your close monitoring of your baby’s development week by week.

A pregnancy calendar will be very useful for every pregnant woman especially those first-time mothers. A calendar can put everything into place while knowing what happens to you and your baby every moment of your pregnancy. This calendar will also show you ultrasound pictures which will not only update you of your baby’s growth but will also inspire you to work out for more beneficial pregnancy activities. Ultrasound pictures of your infant can detect the positioning of your placenta and can assess health condition of the special baby inside you. Through the pictures, you will realize how each week of your pregnancy is significantly marked by wonderful changes inside.

While you track pregnancy week, you will know that every moment is crucial yet the first trimester of your pregnancy need to handle with extreme care. The first twelve weeks of your pregnancy will tell to be careful in handling activities because any simple accident can distort baby’s development. Although many birth defects sources cannot be traced, the mother will always have to blame herself for any handicap her child is entailed with at birth. When this happens, the mother tends to remember all the things she did during pregnancy that might be contributory to the defects. Let a pregnancy calendar be your way to achieving the best possible health condition for you and your baby. Monitor changes so when a deviation happens, your physician can remedy the problems at once.

Knowing what happens to your baby growing inside the womb will give you a good idea of what activities to engage in and what food to take in order to support his or her growth. The first few weeks are the most crucial in your baby’s development and caution and care should be taken by the pregnant mother during this important time.

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