How to Take Care of a Baby?

By: pallvi.dec2008

How to take care of a baby is practically the only question every newbie parent asks. Babies are cute and cuddly and it would seem as if you'd just want to have one of your own. For more help visit to: However, you should not rush into having a baby unless you are prepared to take care of them.

When the baby is already around, you would feel little overwhelmed and nervous. You simple do not know how to take care of a baby, right? Relax. In the process, you would eventually know the trade. You can ask help from your mother or grandmother. They can also help you take care of the child while you are doing the house chores.

One lesson you will be taught is to hold a baby properly. There are many ways to hold a baby. You can prop them up against your body, cradle them, or you might even try a football hold. This lesson might seem unnecessary but you'll be surprised how many parents out there feel awkward in the way they hold their babies. In properly taking care of a baby, it is essential that you are comfortable and holding them properly can be a start.

Many doctors, nowadays, allow the baby to eat food whenever he feels hungry. The baby is also allowed to sleep whenever he feels like or as little as he cares to. This is known as "self-demand method." At first, the baby may take a little irregular with this, since they are feed between two hours to six hours.

When you ask the question how to take care of a baby after it has finished feeding, it is important that you burp them. If you don't burp them, gas can accumulate in their small stomachs and they can develop colic. For more detail go to: Have them sit up or prop them on your shoulder while gently patting their back and they will eventually burp.

Another reason for crying is that he feels too hot or too cold. So, make sure that the mattress and the sheet where he sleeps are smooth and comfortable. Still another reason is when he feels tired and sleepy. When you know how to interpret these, it'll make you're life simpler.

You should never lose your temper when your baby cries. This is the only way your baby can communicate with you. Try to be observant when your baby cries. When they are hungry or are uncomfortable in their diaper, they have a certain crying sound. However, when they are sick, their cry can change into that of a shrilling type.

If you can't take on these services, then ask for an experienced friend or family member. Your mother, your sister, or your best friend, those who have experienced taking care of a baby will eagerly help you adjust to your new role. With them around, they can just model how to take care of a baby for you to emulate later on.

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