How to Stop Struggling to Promote Online

By: Matthew Strout

If you have been looking around online for any length of time you will notice that there are a lot of Network Marketers with a common problem.  This is a problem that makes it so that 97% of the marketers out there can never break into making a profit.  Quite simply, it is a total lack of cash-flow and a total lack of warm-leads to market to.

It is truly shocking when you see the statistics of how many people actually makeing money in this industry.  Most of these people are only pulling in 40$ a month.  What I also know is this.  The great majority of you out there are going to read this and say, "I'm not even in the average.  I'm not making anything!"  Keep in mind this is an average.  If you think about the people out there that are making 20 to 200 thousand dollars a month, this average is pretty scary.  It takes a whole lot of people that are making nothing, to bring that average down from the marketers that are making all the money!

As with anything, the main reason for the problem is education.  I am going to lay out some of the steps that will absolutely get you out of that nightmarish 97%.

I want to let you know about a problem that most people have before I lay out these steps.  I mean everyone!  I am talking about FOCUS.  So what is it exactly that a person should be focusing on? Don't worry, that is soon to come.  Just understand that if you are not going to determine to find a direction and focus on that direction with an unstoppable, laser focus, you might as well save yourself the time and do something else.  Keeping this in mind, here are the steps that will require your focus.

1.  You have to build a list. It is a must.  Why is that? Well has the list of family and friends worked for you?  Have you found that rock star by looking for people in public places?  Do you really want to have to tell your family and friends to run around in public places for years on end? Just so that that can have the success of that few that I have made that method work?   You have to use the internet to make this work, and there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. More on this later.

2.  Next, it is time to stop buying the next big secret every time a new one comes across your computer screen.  Again has this worked yet?  We are going back to the focus factor here.  If you are going to be able to focus on step one, you are going to have to stop the head spinning and realize that there is not a MAGIC BUTTON that will fill your bank account.  You are going to have to do it yourself, and it is going to start with the LIST!

3.  You have to BRAND YOURSELF.  If you are still trying to make money by directing people to a Company Replicated site, you are throwing away a ton of money and time.  Not to mention, anyone that does decide to whip out their credit card on your replicated site belongs to your company, not YOU.  Didn't you work hard to get that person to come to your site?  Why would you want them to belong to your company and not you?  It is time for you to be leading people to success personaly with your own original content.  That is my goal. I want to show you how you can do this and not just look like a pro, but actually be one!

4.  You MUST have Funded Proposal system that pays for your marketing on the front end. This normally pulls in a nice profit by itself.  This is simply a process of building up affiliate memberships with the same tools and services that every online network marketer will need to make money on the internet.  In the first 2 weeks l made a profit from my first affiliate.

5.  Once you have come this far, it is up to YOU!  It is time to decide that you are going to master the keys that are crucial to bringing in tons of leads every day, looking for you We have put meticulously laid out the methods to attracting quality leads.  These are the kind of leads that will get in your business regardless of what it is becuase they trust you, and you wouldn't lead them wrong!  Would you buiness change if you had 50 leads a day beggin to be a part of whatever business you are in?

This is a business that only works if you can market to the people that have a problem that needs to be solved.  What is the number one problem out there?  Leads and Cash Flow right?  Take a look over those steps.  They are solved!  Most will never know how to get past Step 2, and they are the people that will need you, once you have yourself set up with our system.  This can be done in 90 days.  I seen people do this in 60 days.  Make the decision today to Be The HUNTED.

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Matthew Strout is helping hundreds of people learn how to use promoting online to build a massive imcome to their business. If you want you find out how to bring in 50 leads a day and out spmsor anyone in your business for free go to to learn how promoting online can be a breeze.

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