How to Stop Smoking with the Patches

By: Mark Patrick

Nicotine patches are also generically known as the nicotine transdermal system.
Before explaining how stop smoking patches help you to forsake smoking, let us first take a brief overview at what the patches are exactly.

What are patches?

Patches are oversized adhesive plasters and are stuck onto the skin. The patch contains nicotine which is slowly released into your body through the skin. The nicotine delivered is clean and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals such as those released by cigarettes.

How do patches help you to quit smoking?

The main ingredient in cigarettes that makes people addicted is nicotine, so when you stop smoking, your body craves nicotine and tempts you to light the cigarette again. This craving for nicotine often happens with other nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as cravings for tobacco, irritability, loss of concentration, depression and so on.

Nicotine patches help smokers to beat these withdrawal effects by slowly releasing nicotine into the body. The nicotine from these patches is absorbed by the body at a much slower rate than from a cigarette, and there are less chances of getting addicted to these patches. The patches keep you at a steady level every time and make you used to a certain level of nicotine which in turn helps you to reduce your habit of lighting a cigarette.

The main advantage of nicotine patches is they provide you with a steady supply of nicotine without your conscious mind having to think about it. They also allow you to overcome the behavioral and psychological habits without making you susceptible to the complications of nicotine withdrawals.

These patches, when used with other nicotine replacement therapies, can work wonders for you if you really want to quit smoking. There has always been a constant evolution in the techniques that help to give-up smoking and one such method is the development of Herbal stop smoking patches. These patches don't use nicotine to wean your body off cigarettes. Instead, herbal patches use an all-natural formula which helps you to get your body off its nicotine habit.

Relapsed rates: The main disadvantage of patches is half the people who stop smoking for a year after using nicotine patches eventually start smoking again.

Side effects: Patches sometimes cause itching, burning or tingling on the skin where they are applied. They can also cause dizziness, headache, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

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