How to Start an E-Book Cover Designer Business?

By: balraj.nh2009

A fast growing trend in publishing is the development of ebooks. These online, electronic editions of more traditional hard or paperback books are desirable for multiple reasons. They are portable, they are environmentally friendly and best of all they are less expensive than their paper counterparts.

Early on ebooks didn't come with substantial graphics, but developers soon learned that even the most tech savvy buyer still wanted to see a cover that reminded them of a book. It was the emotional link between an ebook purchase and the basic human connection to reading a book. What if you could fill the niche by developing ebook covers?

The Plan

Like many other great business ideas you need to start with a computer. for more You need to have a basic understanding of graphic design and you either need to already know how to develop ebook covers or be willing to learn.

In many cases the development of the front ebook cover design is general graphic design skills, but the transfer to an ebook cover may require the use of an ebook creator or generator. These are usually programs you must pay for, but they are also the programs that give your creation a 3-D look that allows consumers to view the ebook as an actual book instead of an electronic file. The end result actually looks like a book cover and can be used in print and online applications.

One way to get started is to actually develop your own ebook. This could be a fictional story, a series of short stories, a how-to manual or other type of book that should have broad based appeal.

In "The Market" section below we will look at how you can give the ebook away as a marketing tool and develop list-building objectives that can help as you develop this business.

The Funds

Assuming you have a computer the startup costs for this type of business may be less than $100. More elaborate designs may require the purchase of photos from an online source like iStock.

You will also need to spend some money on an online storefront and associated ecommerce expenses. for visit can minimize some of these expenses by looking at web builder technology that can allow you to develop your own website without the fees generally associated with a web designer.

Some of your profits should be put back into the business through the purchase of better quality graphics and software.

This graphic design idea can be combined with multiple graphic design ideas that can increase potential work.

The Market

Earlier we talked about developing your own ebook. Yes, you want to develop quality content in your ebook, but you also want to highlight your ebook cover design service. Seek to present your own ebook cover in a variety of positions and include the cover on each page of your ebook (think small icon).

Visitors to your website can gain free access to the ebook through a free signup. This is called list building. You use these email contacts to explore email marketing for your ebook cover design business.

In other words the individuals are exchanging their email address for free access to the ebook. You use their email addresses in a tasteful way to present solid content related to ebook covers and other graphic design services you provide.

While there may be some market for your skills offline the majority of your work will likely come from online customers so make sure your website provides a visual buffet of your work along with applicable testimonials. You might even consider providing a link to the sites of customers who have used your ebook cover design services. Make a big deal about the benefit of link inclusion for your customers. When it comes to online marketing these kind of links are helpful for improved search engine rankings and that provides just one more value added reason for customers to consider your service first.

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