How to Solve the Polarization Problem of the Satellite Receiver

By: yang

The digital signals are now transmitted in four ways: vertical linear polarization, the horizontal linear polarization, LHCP (Left – Hand Circular Polarization) or RHCP (Right – Hand Circular Polarization). The satellites of many countries now use all these methods. Compared to the satellite TV signal, terrestrial TV signals mainly use the horizontal polarization way to transmit. This article will introduce the receiving of satellite signal, of course, the polarization way of satellite signal.

When the receiver is receiving those signals, it uses the 13 volt or 18 volt direct current to change its polarization mode. Since the year of 2007, the competition in the market of satellite receiver is more and more intense. Some of the manufacturers completely removed the LM317 voltage regulator chip in order to save the cost. Some of the producers even remove the LNB protecting circuit. This fact is the direct reason for the polarization problem of the satellite receivers.

The most common situation of the polarization problem is that the receiver doesn’t have a horizontal or vertical linear polarization signal. It is not hard to fix. This problem may have three types. The first is if you hit on the machine, it will have the signal. This type often happens on the machine produced earlier than 2008. The expansion of the circuit board has made some of the units on it become loose. You will find the solution on the circuit board and fix it using the tin weld. The second type is that the receiver can only receive the horizontal signal or only has a signal. If the problem is not on the system board, you have to exam the chip used to control the LNB. The last situation is that there is no signal strength or quality information. For example, let’s have a look at the TCD – 979 model receiver. If it has such a problem, it means that the outdoor LNB doesn’t have a power supply. Then you have to exam the system board first. If the system board is OK, you can exam the whole power supply circuit. If the D9 unit is OK, you have to test the D10 and D5 units. Only if the two units are broken then the LNB will have no voltage. If the former problems have been solved and the D10 has a voltage of 14 volt, it means D5 is OK while D10 is broken.

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