How to Sleep Better

By: Sarah Carlye

Waking up feeling exhausted and yawning throughout the day can have an affect on productivity and mood. For chronic sleep problems see your primary care physician to rule out health problems like sleep apnea, depression, and narcolepsy. Not sleeping well can cause the following problems:

• Lack of energy
• Fatigue
• Confusion
• Moodiness
• Lowered resistance to illness
• Weakness

Sleeping aides can often mask other problems and cause side affects. Simply adding walks to your daily routine can often improve sleep. Walking in the Stepgym shoe will not only help to reduce problems sleeping, but will also increase the workout the body does while walking because of its scientific design. There may be less walking needed to improve sleep.

Sleeping well helps you to start out the day refreshed and energized. A good night sleep improves concentration, mood, and alertness. Being active improves sleep cycles so you can get the most out of the time that you are sleeping. Walking is an activity that just about everyone can do. Walking can help to provide relief to insomnia because it loosens tightened muscles, reduces stress, lessens symptoms of depression and anxiety, and promotes healthy sleep periods that help restore the body.

Sleeping well has the following benefits:

• Hormone balance that affects the fat to muscle ratio
• Healthy metabolism because the body releases less glucose when it has higher energy levels
• Energy to live healthy and exercise

Walking releases hormones that help with stress reduction. In addition, the time walking gives uninterrupted time to think through problems. When it is time to go to sleep, you will be less likely to lie there thinking about concerns or so stressed that you cannot relax to fall asleep.

When you can’t sleep, even pacing around the house while taking slow deep breaths will help you go back to sleep. Walking is much more affective than sitting down and watching TV or lying in bed waiting to fall back to sleep.

When you want to make every step a workout, wear the Stepgym shoe when walking. Go to for more information and to order a pair of Stepgym shoes.

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