How to Roast a Boneless Pork Loin

By: Robert Thomson

There are several ways on how to cook boneless pork loin. The most delicious and popular way is to roast. Several methods are available to know how to roast boneless pork loin. Whichever method is chosen, the roasted boneless pork loin is an all-time favorite dish.

Here are the ingredients needed to start roasting boneless pork loin:

1. A chunk of boneless pork loin cut. A pound of pork loin is usually cooked for 30 to 45 minutes. The quantity of seasonings and spices is for a two-pound pork loin cut.

2. Seasoning and/or spices of choice. For this recipe, one tablespoon each of sage, oregano and thyme will be mixed together.

3. One teaspoon of salt.

4. One-fourth teaspoon ground black pepper.

5. One teaspoon olive

Also, make sure that the following equipments are available:

1. Cooking oven

2. A roasting pan. It is better if the pan has a rack.

3. Aluminum tin foil that would be used to to cover the roasted boneless pork loin.

4. Meat thermometer.

5. Knives with sharp blade for cutting the roast.

6. A chopping or cutting board.

Now here’s the step by step instruction on how to roast a boneless pork loin:
1. Select the best pork loin cut in the market. In order to select the best, get a pork loin cut that is easy to separate into slices. Get a pork loin that is coated of fat. The pork loin roast must be from the pork’s “center cut.” It is this fatty layer which will keep the moisture intact while the pork is roasting. The result will be a juicy roasted boneless pork loin.

2. Make sure that the oven is clean. Before seasoning the pork loin, pre-heat the oven. So when you will need to roast the pork, the oven is already in the necessary temperature. If the pork cut is raw, the right oven temperature should be 500. If the pork cut is already pre-browned, keep the heat at 375.

3. Now, turn the attention to the pork loin cut. Using a skewer, prick the pork cut all over. This helps the meat to absorb well the spices’ flavors. Salt, pepper, sage, oregano, thyme and olive oil are blended together. The mixture is rubbed around the pork loin cut. After this, put the pork cut in the roasting pan. The pork cut’s side with the layer of fat should be facing upward. Place the pan in the center of the pre-heated oven.

4. Continue with the baking. The temperature can be lowered to 300 after ten minutes. The roasted boneless pork loin should be cooked after an hour. Still, keep it in the oven and remove only when the temperature is down to 155. To know if the roast pork is cooked, get a knife and cut it. A translucent or pink meat means the roast is already done.

5. Baste the drippings in the roasted pork while it is in the oven. This makes sure that the flavor is absorbed.

6. Get the roasted boneless pork loin cut ready to be served. Set it in the cutting board. Cover it with an aluminum tin foil for 15 minutes. Then, start slicing it.

Pork is famous for having a lot of fat but its much way better than beef which has higher fat content. Roasted boneless pork loin is tasty and can also be served in the table all-year round and at any occasion. So, it’s a good thing that one knows how to roast a boneless pork loin.

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