How to Ride the Wave Board

By: Josh Brennon

There are many ways to learn how to ride a wave board. I am going explain a few of the more popular and common ways to learn how to ride. Let us first start by talking about the structural design of the wave board. The board only has two wheels, which are free to rotate an entire 360 degrees, the two decks move freely of each other and the way you ride is an S shape movement that propels the board forward without you ever needing to touch the ground with your feet. You may be thinking that a two wheeled board would be clumsy and awkward to ride, hard to balance on, or limited. The opposite is actually true. The waveboard is easy to ride, it feels smooth and very controlled, and balancing on the board is like walking.

The design also allows you to do things on the waveboard that no other board is capable of, like turn on a dime and hold your balance through the tight turn. Before we get into ways to start you have to have an idea of how to ride once you get balanced on the board. When you are on the board you need to move your hips and shoulders in an S shape and let that travel down into your legs. The S shape movement will propel the board forward. If you have never ridden a waveboard do not worry it is very easy to learn.

The first technique to learn is the easiest way and I have helped dozens of people learn to ride using this technique. It is the partner technique. Have a friend stand opposite of you and as you step up onto the board use your friend to balance until you get the feel of riding. Your friend can even walk with you and help you balance until you are able to ride on your own. If you do not have a friend to help you learn the easiest way is to find a real slight downhill slope to start on. Aim the board down hill and put your front foot on the front deck. Use your back foot to push off the ground and to gain forward momentum. Quickly put your back foot on the board and try to balance. The gradual down hill slope will create the forward momentum so you should not need to immediately start into the S shape to keep moving. Gain your balance until you are comfortable and then attempt the S shape to gain speed and keep on riding.

On a flat surface use the back foot to push off and start the S shape movement as soon as your back foot balances on the board. Not everyone I have seen starts with their front foot on the board. My brother starts with his back foot on the board and pushes off with his front foot. So do what is comfortable for you and do not give up when you are starting. As soon as you are confident riding the board you will quickly get better and better. In order to better your riding skills try doing as tight of turns as possible. This will help you learn to balance better. You can also try riding up hill and gaining more speed on flat ground. The key is to not give up, keep riding, and soon you will be surfing the streets like a pro.

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Learning the Wave Board can be tough, but once you get it it is easy. It is not like riding Skateboards because your feet never have to touch the ground. They are very fun so try it out.

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