How to Remove Pimples and Dark Spots with Herbal Acne Treatment?

By: Norwyn Frank

Skin provides protective barrier against infections. It is multi layered and the internal cells can get inflamed or irritated when exposed to chemicals, drugs or toxins. Immune reactions can initiate from gut where 70 percent of immune lives. The problem of skin inflammation - burns, rashes and lumps indicates problems in metabolic functions. Higher sugar levels in blood can cause skin tags and 75 percent of US population is susceptible to such condition of insulin resistance, that is, basically, a metabolic syndrome. Gut level irritation can cause eczema and 30 million people in US suffer from eczema.

Food sensitivities and irritation can lead to poor bowel functions causing bacterial overgrowth in gut and loss of friendly bacteria. Lack of vitamin Bs, fat and thyroid dysfunction causes dryness and dehydration of internal tissues. Nutritional deficiencies and poor blood flow causes dryness of skin. In such condition, how to remove pimples and dark spots and improve skin composition?

Autoimmune response by stress can damage gut function and causes rashes and patches on skin. Gluten, sugar and dairy products are inflammatory foods. Sugar induces inflammation and its intake should be reduced to cure it. Sugar promotes glycation leading to discoloring of proteins or skin. Toxins can affect the skin and bloodstream causing long term damage to brain and nerves. To know how to remove pimples and dark spots, cures to eliminate toxins from blood should be taken. Diet should include vitamins A, D and E to prevent dryness and inflammation.

Ayurvedic studies state clogged pores and small bumps around eyes are due to high fat in blood, excess of sweat glands and clogged pores. Deficiencies of vitamin Bs and folate and high blood pressure can cause eruption around nose. The vitamins are significant for reducing the level of homocysteine in blood. Bacterial clogging is another cause for such eruption. Depriving skin of oxygen cause dilation of blood vessels and this causes acne on cheeks. Women suffering from PCOS and endocrine imbalance get eruption around the chin.

Digestive issues such as constipation and IBS cause acne at the bottom of chin. Acne in various body parts indicates autoimmune reaction, endocrine imbalance or such eruptions happen due to excess moisture or poor hygiene, deficiencies of vitamins ( A, K2 and D) causing pimples and black spots. Herbal acne treatment Golden Glow capsules contains herbs (such as Exadirecta Indica or Neem Leaves, Curcuma longa, Terminalia Chebula etc.) used for blood purification.

Exadirecta Indica leaf extract can be taken for viral infection, toxicity, liver detoxification, ulcers and inflammation. Intake of leaf extract can reduce severity and frequency of stress related gastric mucosal lesions. This is one of the ingredients in herbal acne treatment Golden Glow capsules which provide paramount ways to get - how to remove pimples and dark spots. Curcumin in Curcuma longa contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to prevent auto immune reactions and neurological issues.

Terminalia Chebula in the herbal acne treatment Golden Glow capsules reduces cholesterol, improves blood circulation, restores insulin, fights oxidative stress and its regular intake can help to treat metabolic syndromes and enhance power of antioxidants vitamin Es, Cs, superoxide dismutase and glutathione.

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