How to Reduce the Attenuation of Satellite Signal in Rainy Days

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If all your devices on the satellite terminal is in good working condition and you are just watching the programs, then, here comes a shower, and you find the picture of the program is vague. Then you have to know the following topic of the Ku band satellite signal attenuation in rain.

The attenuation of Ku band satellite signal in rain often happens in the receiving of satellite TV program. No matter the rain is big or not, it will affect the signal quality of the Ku band satellite signal. And thus the signal program will bring problems in the watching process. Some of the regions may often in rain, so the satellite terminal in these areas will meet this problem more regularly. Here are some ways which can be used to solve or weaken the problem of attenuation of Ku band satellite signal in rain.

1.#Try to wear a mackintosh on the Ku band LNB (Low Noise Block). We can use the transparent coco cola plastic bottle to achieve this task. First, you have to cut the mouth of the bottle to the exact size of the Ku band LNB. Then cover the processed plastic bottle onto the K band LNB. Remember to drill some holes on the bottom of the bottle in order to prevent the back flowing water. Then even the big rain will not hit the Ku band LNB and you can get the sharp picture in rain now.
2.#Wear a waterproof cape on Ku band LNB. It will remain some water on the cape of the ordinary K band LNB and such water is the reason why we couldn’t get high quality signal. We can use the plastic food warp to improve this design. The PE plastic food warp will not remain water on it, so such a material will improve the receiving effect of the Ku band satellite signal in rain and even in sun.
3.#Built a house for the Ku band satellite antenna. Since the Ku band satellite antenna’s diameter is between 75 cm and 90 cm, its volume is little. So we can use the aluminum alloy and glass to build a glass cabin which can hold the Ku band satellite antenna. The thickness of the glass which used to build the cabin should be 3 to 5 mm. According to some of the satellite TV fans, it will not reduce the strength of the Ku band satellite signal.

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