How to Reduce Cholesterol Levels

By: Sally Spann

To reduce the level of cholesterol is necessary because its high levels in the bloodstream increase the danger of coronary heart disease. In case the cholesterol level in your bloodstream is abnormally high, follow the below discussed rules to reduce it.
Step 1: Control Fat and fats intake in your diet
Controlling the quantity of fat and fats you consume is the 1st towards lowering cholesterol levels in your blood stream. Rather than consuming butter and oils loaded in saturated fatty acids choose healthy, monosaturated oils like olive oil and canola oil.
Similarly, stop consuming high cholesterol food items such as eggs, polyunsaturated oils, butter, margarine or any other type of greasy dressing. Instead, include plenty of dietary fibre and entire cereals into your diet.
Step 2: Alter Your Lifestyle
You should not behave like a couch-potato. Also, give up junk food. Such a lifestyle increases the chances of enhancing cholesterol levels in your bloodstream manifold. You should eat food items with high nutrient and fibre content. Moreover, you should also exercise regularly. You can either play field games, or do activities like walking, running and cycling. Physical activities increase the body metabolism and help you digest the food quickly.
Step 3: Take Medications if Nothing Helps
If lifestyle changes are not working or if there is an insistent duty to lower LDL cholesterol levels and the level of triglycerides, then don't hesitate to take medications. Medicines for lowering cholesterol can be divided into a few categories based on the intended part of cholesterol- Cholesterol, LDL cholesterol or Triglycerides.
If your LDL levels are high, then you would medications such as statin and Vitamin B also known as Niacin. However, make sure that you do not overdose Niacin as it can cause severe side effects. You should only consume a quantity as suggested by your doctor. The same is applicable for other cholesterol lowering medications as well as an overdose of any medicine can have side effects.
Step 4: Increase the Amount of HDL-Cholesterol
Yes, you read it right. This cholesterol can help you bring down overall cholesterol levels in your body. That is why it is called good cholesterol and considered essential for the body. Its optimum level in the body should be 60 mg/dL (1.55 mmol/L). Any level below it is considered perfect level in the body.
ou can always raise your HDL levels with assistance from monosaturated oils such as olive oil and Vitamin B rich foods. But make sure that you do not over consume vitamin B as this could have major complications. You must also cut down on your alcohol intake to increase HDL.

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