How to Reduce Belly Fat? Natural Treatments, Diet and Exercises

By: Norwyn Frank

Belly fat can be a cause for concern. It can lead to heart diseases, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and even, cancer. Belly fat is clinically termed' visceral fat'. It refers to the fat around the liver and other organs in the abdomen. Belly fat can be a result of

• The high-fructose content in sugary foods and beverages is responsible for the increase in belly fat.

• Alcohol can destroy the body’s capacity to burn fat. Also, the calories from the alcohol get stored around the belly.

• Trans fats are harmful fats that are added to packaged foods to keep them fresh for a longer time.

• The overuse of machines in today’s lifestyle has lowered activity levels, leading to weight gain.

• Foods rich in protein increase metabolism which burn calories faster, preventing any weight gain.

• After menopause, it is natural for a woman to gain weight due to non-production of estrogen.

• Our intestine or gut is home to some bad bacteria which in excess, can lead to belly fat.

• The high fructose content in natural, unsweetened fruit juice can also lead to abdominal fat.

• Excessive production of cortisol or stress hormone, can lead to eating disorders, hence, belly fat.

• Foods low in fibre lead to abdominal fat.

• Obesity can also be hereditary.

• Sleeping disorders can lead to weight gain.

Several pills and medications are available in the market to lose belly fat. But they are unsafe, leading to side effects. The best way is to reduce belly fat naturally. Exercising and eating right are natural treatments for belly fat.

Following is a list of fat loss diet to lose belly fat.

• Avoid foods rich in sugar and sweetened drinks

• Reduce carbs in take in the diet

• Eat smaller meals at regular intervals

• Eat a fibre-rich diet

• Include more of protein in the diet

There are exercises which help reduce belly fat naturally. These belly fat exercises prove beneficial and give long-term results.

• Running

• Jogging

• Crunches- twist crunches, vertical leg crunches, side crunches, reverse crunches

• Brisk walking

• Bending side to side

• Bicycle exercise

• The stomach vacuum

• Swimming

• Rolling plank exercise

• Lunge twist

• Captain’s chair

• Cycling

Another effective method to reduce belly fat naturally is Figura capsule. This herbal fat loss slimming pills is one of the best natural treatments to reduce belly fat. These capsules help in shedding excess fat and also increase stamina and strength. They are composed of herbs such as Babool, Kathha, Pashanbhed, Piplamool, Gurlu, Chitrak, Samudrasosh, Chandras, Haritaki, Jwasa, Kalijiri, Bhadradanti, Bait, Kulthi and Babuna. These are all natural ingredients which help reduce belly fat naturally.

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