How to Protect and Secure Your Home

By: Robert Thomson

There are few things more victimizing than finding your home has been burgled. Aside from the obvious financial ramifications it's sickening to know that a stranger was wandering through your home and looking at your most personal items. Plus some things like antiques and family heirlooms can never be replaced. Granted, these are desperate times, and unfortunately that desperation can directly affect you when a criminal chooses to invade your home. But thankfully there are numerous tried-and-true rules to help protect your home.

First off it's never a bad idea to invest in a home alarm system. This measure will not only offer you peace of mind, it will also act as an effective crime deterrent on a number of levels. You can get an alarm system that is as simple or advanced as you choose, depending on your needs. Do you want the basic siren that will sound if a window or door is broken? Or one where you can adjust it to also give notice when a door opens unexpectedly, forced or not? With the slightest bit of research you can easily do a home security system comparison in order to find exactly what you need.

The options are extensive, and some systems are simple enough you can possibly set them up yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it. A professional company with an eye for detail may well think of places where sensors are needed that you might overlook. As you check out the reviews of security companies look at how they're rated for customer service and also see if they're continually improving their security systems or not. Burgling can be big business and it's a good bet that some thieves are crafty and learn to find their way around outdated systems.

Once you've chosen a reputable alarm company to work with you'll need to choose the level of security that will make you feel safest. You may prefer getting a monitored system that automatically notifies the police if trouble arises. Sure there will be a monthly fee incurred to have that added measure but you may find that it's well worth it. Once thing to remember is that whatever system you choose don't hesitate to make it well known your house is secure by posting the signs and stickers your security company provides, as those will help discourage criminals, too.

In addition to getting a home security system don't forget to take steps to make your house less inviting to criminals. Your window coverings should block the view enough to prevent people from looking in to see any tempting items like expensive jewelry and electronics. Also make a regular check to see if your windows are locked when closed. In addition to the regular locks that come with your windows also consider additional locks found in hardware stores. If your home looks like an easy target you are greatly increasing the odds of a break-in. Don't forget to look at the plants around your house; does your shrubbery or trees provide cover for thieves while breaking in? Consider removing them or moving them to another location. A fierce sounding dog is also a good way to make thieves think twice before invading your home. Depending on the expanse of your property you may want to consider guard dogs to roam the fenced in yard at night.

Lighting is another important safety feature around the home. Be sure to invest in motion detector yard lights and consider utilizing timed lights inside your home, though be careful to randomize the schedule every now and then so it's not so obvious it's a timer. If you have many high-end items in your home you may also want to consider investing in security cameras as well, though that will be considerably higher priced than more simple options.

Take a moment to eye your home as an outside observer; do you have flimsy doors with glass panels and easy access to the door lock? Do you constantly leave your garage door open as if to say, "Please rob me?" Do you leave a hidden key in an obvious place and go off with your doors left open and unlocked? It's amazing how many people do.

When you're getting ready to go on vacation are your circumspect about it or do you announce to everyone online? Think before being so obvious about going away. When planning on a trip be sure to get a house sitter to stay over. Whether a family member or a trusted friend, that consistent presence at your home will help keep it safe.

No one single thing will prevent your home from being broken into, but several small steps can do wonders to help keep you and your loved ones safe. Sometimes it takes briefly getting into the mindset of a criminal before seeing where your security is lacking. But once you see the issues please don't hesitate to make the necessary changes, because your safety and the safety of your home depends on it.

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