How to Properly Talk with Your Doctor about Menopause

By: James Pendergraft

Some women find the issue of menopause rather difficult to address when they need to ask their doctor about it and about what they need to do when menopause begins to wreak havoc on their system and on their lives. Some women even find it difficult to ask about solutions to the many problems that menopause can bring about. How does one talk about menopause with their doctor and what questions should be asked? When should a woman ask her doctor about this phenomenon and should she ask long before symptoms even emerge or should she just ask about this when she starts going through it?

How to Broach the Subject with Your Doctor

The topic of menopause should not be difficult when talking with your doctor if you are comfortable with your medical practitioner. One of the things you need to remember when you talk about menopause is that it is not an illness or a disease. It is a condition that women go through at a certain age and you can experience certain symptoms that can make life somewhat difficult. What you need to think about when you need to address the subject of menopause with your doctor is the fact that they know what needs to be done to help ease the discomfort a woman feels with menopause. Thinking of the subject in this light will make it somewhat easier for you to open up about the topic of menopause Ė how to alleviate the discomfort that symptoms bring about and what to expect when you are going through this stage to help you better prepare for it.

What to Ask Your Doctor

For you to be able to ask your doctor about what to expect and what to do when menopause starts to show signs that it may be starting, here are some tips you might want to follow:

Make a list of the questions that you might want your doctor to answer. Making a list of your concerns and your questions will give you better insight on what menopause is and what you might expect from it.

Make another list of the symptoms you are feeling should you feel that your menopause is starting. Try to be as detailed as possible so that your doctor can give you concise advice on what you might need to do to help ease the discomfort that these symptoms are causing.

Give your doctor a thorough accounting of your activities (sexual or otherwise), your diet, your medical and sexual history, and what medications you are taking as well as what supplements you are ingesting and what allergies you have. A history of alcoholism and drug use must also be shared with your doctor for him to give you a thorough diagnosis and donít forget to talk about other doctors that may have treated you in the past as well.

If tests are to be administered, ask questions about these as well. How long these take, what preparations need to be made, any side effects these tests may have and when to expect the results.

Try to go to your doctor with some moral support. Have your spouse, close friend, or family member come with you to help understand some of the points your doctor might bring up.

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