How to Prevent Eye Strain When Using a Computer

By: Emily Hernandez

Eye strain is a typical eye concern. With most of us at the computer a bit longer of time every single day, our eyes have problems with fatigue. You will know you are being affected by this condition if you are experiencing these symptoms: struggling to focus, watery eyes, blurred vision, headache, sensitivity to light and irritated eyes. But to be sure, you will must consult with your eye specialist in Arizona.

You can prevent or at least lessen the occurrence of eye strain when using a computer by simple changing some of your work and personal habits. Many of them are written below.

Control your use of the computer.

As much as you can, limit your time working on the computer, particularly if you are only talking with friends, examining their statuses, posting images and others. If at work, remember to do other things like fixing your desk and filing important papers. In case your lone task requires that you use computer on a regular basis, then grab the opportunity to get up from your seat during breaks. Munch on your snacks or simply talk with co-workers. What’s important is that you are not in your work area.

Ensure that you have enough lighting.

See to it that your workplace, especially your computer, have adequate source of lighting so you will not squint. Do not go for too bright light because this will also result in eye strain. Choose from 50-100% of your screen’s brightness.

Adhere to the 20-20 rule.

Are you familiar with the 20-20 rule? For each 20 minutes of looking in the monitor, take a break for 20 seconds by looking at an object from a distance of 20 feet. This will enable your eyes to relax.

Visit your eye specialist in Arizona and have your eyewear checked.

Have you been with your prescribed glasses for a longer time already? You should have it checked by your eye doctor. He will examine your eyes against the grade of your glasses. In case you are not putting on one, maybe it is time that you should. You may call for corrective or reading glasses.

Check the position of your monitor.

Put your computer screen in such a way that it is 20 to 26 inches far away from your eyes. Do not go farther as it will also strain your vision. Make it a point that it is slightly beneath your eye level as this helps prevent not only eye fatigue but also back and neck pain. If you cannot lean or rotate your monitor, it's time to buy a another one for your eyes.

Similarly, work with a glare filter and clean up your monitor regularly. Dust can minimize the contrast of your screen and increase your problems regarding reflections and glare.

We appreciate the use of computer, especially given that we have Internet. We can easily interact with friends without the need to go out and spend for the transportation and food. At work, we can do our tasks with ease because of the newest offerings of the technology. Nevertheless, we do not give justice to our eyes because we cause them strain. Talk with your eye specialist in Arizona on how you can successfully prevent this.

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