How to Practice Safe Sex

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Even with the need for male enhancement solutions, it is always a great feeling to perform optimally in bed, and satisfy yourself and your partner. Every aspect of sex – from the foreplay to the final sexual peaks – you are left raring for more. But are you 100 percent sure you're practicing safe sex? There are various ways to get protected, so read on for this important information.

One of the time-tested techniques for safe sex is using a condom. Using rubber may not always be the best way to prevent pregnancy, but it can come in handy for shielding yourself against sexually transmitted diseases (STD). If properly used, a condom blocks the exchange of bodily fluids, and it can used alone or in combination with other birth control forms. Just make sure to follow the instructions on the label.

Lubricate! This is not just for enjoyment, but also for increasing the safety of your female partner. Dry fiction in her vagina during sex is painful and can cause small cuts or lacerations that can be a source of bleeding and blood exchange during sex. Blood and sex fluids are a quick transmission route for disease. There are many popular lube brands, but remember that those not created for sex, such as Vaseline, can weaken condom strength.

Get hormonal protection, such as those from hormonal contraception. Examples are birth control pills for your partner, which protect against pregnancy (but do not protect against STD). For your part, always use a condom. Other birth or parenthood barriers, such as a female condom, may also be useful for your partner.

Finally, know who you're going to bed with. This is quite easy for married individuals, but a different story for those who just started dating someone. Know the sexual history of your potential partner, and disclose yours as well. Getting tested for STD may be a bit on the extreme side, but may be mutually agreed on. Monogamy remains the best way to guarantee safe sex.

If your focus is on elevating the level of sexual pleasure and your performance, it is not too late to try sexual enhancement solution for erectile dysfunction symptoms, such as poor erectile quality and premature ejaculation. This is not much of an issue for those in their 20s and 30s, but aging men are at a greater risk for these symptoms and other sexual issues.

In this case, don't hesitate to ask your doctor for the best possible treatment plan. If you want to go the natural way, read more about herbal supplementation, penis exercises and tools, and related techniques.

Many experts say that erection begins in your mind. This is quite an agreeable observation, as your brain assumes a primary role in many body processes. Your mind is the fuel that gets your erections started. Physical or mental stimulation causes your nerves in the brain to send chemical messages to other nerves in your penis. These messages relay the message “Relax” to your penis’ blood vessels, so they can be engorged with blood.

As the blood flows into your penis, a high pressure condition follows. The valve allowing blood flow out of your penis is kept closed, thus the blood stays trapped inside your genitals. An erection starts, as characterized by your penis hardening and expanding.

But why does your penis becomes limp again? During erection, the blood vessels responsible for blood flow to your penis are found on the sides of the organ. Those responsible for outflow are located on top. Erection is reversed as the inflow of blood is stopped, and the outflow site is opened.

Surgical techniques for enhancement phalloplasty (lengthening) and girth enhancement (thickening) have been recorded in the urological literature for quite a while now. One example is ligamentolysis, which lengthens the penis through the release of the suspensory ligament. This allows your penis to extend longer in a straight manner- supposedly the way to achieve a longer manhood.

However, there are certain setbacks that can still potentially happen with this procedure. A real penis lengthening surgery is deemed harmful and non-routine, and extending a natural body part is very risky in the short and long term. One danger here is losing your ability to achieve an erection.

Penile implants are another penis surgery method, often used for those who are diagnosed with total impotence. These implants work this way: your doctor installs a pump in your groin or scrotum, and this way you can achieve an erection whenever you will it. Penile implant surgery, though, is an irreversible processes.

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