How to Plan for a Frugal Halloween

By: David Stack

Halloween is fast approaching, and what can truly be frightening about the October 31 holiday is the amount of time and money that you have to spend on trick or treat, party ideas, costumes, and home decor. But before you give in to your fears, here are a few money-saving ideas and coupon codes, so that you can prepare frugally and still enjoy one of the spookiest times of the year.

Make your own decorations. It's not really practical to buy supplies with which to decorate your house if you're only going to be putting these up for a once-a-year occasion. So why buy? With home-made and cheap, easy decor, you can still haunt kids, neighborhood trick-or-treaters, and guests with a cleverly designed Halloween house. Make a backyard graveyard out of painted wooden boards; hang old white sheets that sway eerily in the breeze; use those colorful light bulbs that are stashed away in your attic; download free themed songs to add spooky audio to your Halloween ambience. And instead of buying highly demanded fake cobwebs from department stores, purchase a cheap roll of cotton wool instead, and stretch them out to hang in the corners of doors, windows and ceilings as utterly realistic spider webs. If even that is expensive, use the tape from old cassettes.

Take advantage of freely available online resources and be on the lookout for Halloween coupon codes. There are plenty of online stores and party suppliers that put up a sale exclusively for the season or offer special promos and discounts to accommodate your budget. If you're shopping for children's costumes, don't rule out buying from online auctions, or second-hand sellers. An even better and more creative alternative to buying a brand new costume is to make one of your own. So bring out those unused jars of face paint and be creative with your old, ripped clothes! You can't be frugal if you can't be creative.

Think of something other than candy with which to give trick-or-treaters. Not all kids have a sweet tooth; in fact, they will probably be pleasantly surprised to find something different and non-traditional in their bags. Why not stock up on healthy and cheap treats such as temporary tattoos, cool stickers, plastic spider rings, and colored pencils instead? Think out of the box and you'll learn cost-effective tricks for your treats.

To promote frugal Halloween fun, come up with cheap crafts and activities for your children. There are several sites on the Internet from which you can learn how to: make scary eyeballs out of peeled cherry tomatoes; create brains out of scrambled eggs; mix cosmetics and food ingredients to come up with fake blood; produce vomit out of chunky, refrigerated salsa. It may sound disgusting, and even though Halloween food is meant to look edible, at least you're bound to save money in preparing these craft ideas.

Lastly, browse through a selection of great Halloween items and supplies and use Halloween coupon codes when purchasing them. That way, the thought of preparing for the supposedly fun and freaky occasion won't scare you away.

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