How to Obtain All Kinds of Information by Perseverance?

By: yang

Exquisite coping ability can improve your ability to obtain various information by observing. The behaviour Together with each signal is like jigsaw puzzles plates. The more you get plates, the bigger likelihood you put them together well, then you can appreciate your composition of design. For example, I have seen a peer with first appearance beseted by big weight, and again make his effort to keep action calm . I can confidently say, he must be struggling to wrestle the inferiority in some certain.

A change of the behaviour of the individual is very important, which will tell you this man's thoughts, feelings, interests and intention.The sudden changes in behaviour shows that an individual is processing or adjustments to certain information . When a joy kid toward the theme park were told that the park has closed time, his behaviour will immediately change; When we hear bad things on the telephonist see a sad thing, our bodies will soon made reflection about the changes .A personal behaviour changes also can reflect his or her interest in some circumstances and intent. These behaviours can help us to predict what's going to happen, so, shrewd observer can always gain extra information.

I used to work in the shop where a generation attempted robbery happened . At that time, I noticed that that man standing beside the cash register at the counter, his movement attracted my notice, because he seemed not standing in that position, he did not be line, also didn't buy any goods, but always stood there, eyes pegged to the cash register.
If I just stay where i am and kept silent, I might not be so concerned about him. But, as I watched him, his behaviour had changed, especially his nostrils expanded (alar inflation), it showed he was breathing in deep oxygen gas and ready to take action. I almost guessed his intention before a second in his action, in that one second, I spoke loudly to the cashier warning: "be careful!" At that moment there were three things to happen:
1 this clerk just finished a closings, the drawer of cash register just was open.
2 the man standing beside the cash register quickly step forward and reached the drawer to rob money, cashier received warning timely caught the robbers arm and make its inverse twist to come over. As result, money from the hands of the robber tried to fell out, the robber also run out of the shop.

If I was not really prior to notice clues, I can guarantee that robber should have done. What's more, the cashier is my father, he in 1974 in Miami opened the small hardware store, while I was just doing the part-time job for summer time in his store .

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