How to Name a Child

By: Aria Scherer

The joy of parenthood is most imminent when a child is first born. Mother is tired but wide alert to hold her child. Father is scared to death but still anxious to hold the child. There are many various things that parents may give their child at that moment - love, advice, a smile, and most importantly, a name. Selecting the right child name is not always an simple event. Its something that requires some time and many rounds of frustration to eventually come up with. So what's the answer to the best child names? What makes some names just stand out more than others? Lets have a look at what exactly it requires to create a good child name so you may get one for the next child.

Most obviously, a good child name will be one that's meaningful to you in one way. This may be a reference to a loved one, or it may be something that you saw that you say might turn into a perfect child name. One thing you must consider beyond what you love though is whether your child is going to want to be named that. You may adore Jello a lot, but that doesnt mean your child needs to be named Jello Flavor Smith. Even if you do not see any trouble with people saying stuff to your child, you must consider the self-esteem problems that may come from constant teasing.

Aside from appropriateness, a good child name is also supposed to be unlike other names. That doesnt mean that the basics aren't fine to use, but if you're really looking for an awe factor, you have to think in a creative way. That may mean that you must choose a foreign name or something that is not truly a name at all. Just be sure that it is suiting and you will be good to go.

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