How to Master This the Communication Skills Effectively?

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Do you remember the scene when it is your first time to try to drive? The more you paid more attention to driving skills , the mire the car was out of control , the more difficult you also barely notice outside the car. Only when you find that comfort of sitting behind the steering wheel, you can divert your attention to the whole driving conditions. The same as Learning reading body language . Once you have mastered this the communication skills effectively , it will become a kind of instinct, you can wholeheartedly input on the world around the interpretation. The following commandment will help you master this skill.

Tier 1: Doing as a competent observer
For those who would like to decrypt body language, this is the most basic requirement.
You can imagine, it is a very foolish to listen to others' speech with ear plugged by stuff . We can't hear any information, what each other said can also not play any role in us. Therefore, the most attentive listener will not walk around wearing earplug . However, many people who are facing this silent language - body language behaviour are like wearing a eyes mask and wouldn't notice signals emitting from body at all. the importance of observing carefully to understand body language is the same as the importance of listening carefully to understand oral language .

The key problem is that it is not hard to find these body languages , but people always neglect observation, as that meticulous English detective Sherlock Holmes said to his partner doctor Watson it: "you see, but you didn't watch." Actually, most people can not notice detail varies around the world , therefore, they will not realize rich and colorful surrounding environment. A personal action of hands and feet may wildly vary with his thoughts or purpose , but never will be found.
There is such a test: a man dressed in gorilla costumes went through a group of students ,at the same time ,other activities were also in progress, almost half of the students' can not notice the gorilla among them!In daily life, I always hear that some complains:
"My wife puts forward to divorce from me, but I unexpectedly didn't even notice what disaffection she gas to our marriage."
"Instructor told me that my son has used cocaine for three years, but I didn't know."
"I'm working with this man, but he beat me, I should not aware that before."

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