How to Make the Moves Smoothly

By: Jesse Burns

The title of this article can be deceiving but in a way, making any kind of move, particularly one that will change your life forever is something that can really stress us out, especially since we donít know what to expect or if it was even a good decision to make. Still, taking chances is a good thing rather than never knowing what might have been.

Moving day is one of those life events that can throw us off whack. Having lived in a place for most of your life or maybe even for a few years can let us get used to things and not want to change anything. However, things happen and before you know it, you need to move up and away to a new place. This is a time when it can be possible to feel a whole range of emotions all at once and discover how you deal with changes.

But then again, some people welcome changes and are actually glad for it. To them, it is a chance to move up and make their lives better and a chance to get to know themselves better and what they are capable of. Uprooting yourself from a live youíve grown used to is never easy and it can even be a traumatic event for some but it is something that we have to do sometime and despite the fact that it can be a challenge, it is something we can overcome with careful planning, preparation and organization.

First things first, make sure you arrive at the new place before the movers do. If you canít do that, make sure you have someone you trust be there in your place. Have a checklist of your stuff ready so that you can check off each item as they go through the door. Assuming that you let the movers assess the stuff to be moved and they made a list of it make sure they give you a copy.

Try to be as helpful as possible to the movers so that they can get their job done quickly. Direct them efficiently by telling them where to put each box exactly. If you need help assembling anything, ask if thereís an extra charge for it. If youíre having your stuff shipped, make sure you know where it is at all times. Make sure there are enough parking spaces for the movers and notify the neighbors of your move in advance. Make sure you coordinate for use of elevators if you need to and again make sure if thereís an extra charge for that or not.

When you arrive at the new place, check if all utilities (gas, electricity, water) are in working order and once the movers have moved in your appliances, plug each one in to make sure each one is working. Take note of the ones that donít work so you can charge it to the moving company and call for repairs. Make sure you have your keys to the new place ready as you can be charged for extra if the movers have to wait while you search for them.

Have your cash tips and payment ready for the movers when the move is completed. Part of what makes moving day stressful is the fact that some people forget to have cash at hand so they have to either run to the bank or use their credit card which can be inconvenient especially if you scheduled the move on a weekend.

And last but not the least you should check if youíve already informed everybody who needs to know about your address change. Doing your research on how to do moving houses smoothly can help you look forward to the experience and not dread it.

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