How to Make and Use an Antenna Elevation Angle Measurer

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The difficulty which lies in satellite TV signal receiving is adjusting the three angles (Direction angle, Elevation angle and Polarization angle) for the antenna. The angle of elevation must be the most significant in all three angles. This problem won’t trouble the senior fans; however, it will be the nightmare of the fish. If you get the effective equipment and use it dexterously, you are sure to fix it as easily as the senior fans. Here we will introduce a simple antenna elevation angle measurer and it usage. It will sure be helpful to some fans of the satellite TV.

First, we shall make the antenna elevation angle by ourselves.
1.#Buy a triangle ruler which has two 45 degree angles and a 90 degree angle from the stationary store. You also have to make sure that the ruler could also be an angle measurer. The texture of the ruler is organic plastic and the thickness should be 3 mm or so. The quality of the ruler should be high and it won’t break easily. The rulers in this description have a series. In order to make it portable, we shall choose the one which has a 24 mm brink opposite the 90 degree angle.
2.#Then get another piece of plastic which has the same texture and thickness of the ruler and manufacture it into a triangle. Glue the plastic to the central place of the ruler and drill a hole at the point where the 0 degree line and 90 degree line meet.
3.#Insert a thread into the hole and tie a block of rock on one side and a piece of stick on another side. Now the angle measurer has been successfully produced.

Then is the usage of the angel measurer. It is easy to measure the angle of the elevation of the C band antenna since we have got this device. There is a notch in the central place of the C band antenna. The base of the notch is parallel to the mouth of the notch. Make the angle measurer vertical and attach its side to the central of the notch, making the rock down naturally. You can measure the angle from the 0 degree calibration. The line which ties with the rock will point to a degree. This is just he elevation angle of the satellite antenna. Have you caught it. Try by yourself now!

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