How to Maintain Your Cork Flooring

By: Jerry Work

Cork flooring can be a beautiful way to update your home. There are many different colors and grades. It is a lesser known type of flooring than hardwood or laminate but is growing in popularity. If you are environmentally conscious, then you will be happy to hear that cork is taken from trees and the trees are not harmed in the process. The advantages of cork flooring are numerous and include ease of installation and durability. It can look like hardwood flooring and give the appearance of an expensive floor. After you purchase and install your cork floor, you will want to learn how to maintain cork flooring so that it looks good year after year.

The first step you want to be sure to take is to maintain cork flooring by keeping it clean and free from debris. You want to sweep the floor regularly so that crumbs and dust do not collect on it. If you do not sweep the floor regularly, then the accumulated dust and debris will eventually be trapped on the flooring and will build up over time causing a poor appearance. You want to use protection on the bottom of your furniture so that the floor will not get scratched when furniture is moved.

Besides sweeping your cork floor, you will also want to use a slightly wet mop or sponge on it on a weekly basis. Cork is an absorbent material so any liquid that is spilled onto a cork floor should be wiped up immediately in order to avoid any stains from forming. You might be able to use a cleaner but make sure it is safe for cork floors. Do not use a very wet sponge or mop when trying to maintain cork flooring as it will be absorbed into the floor and the floor may not dry properly.

Most cork flooring will have a warranty for twenty-five years and you can help maintain the lifespan of your floor by keeping it clean. You should also have a professional cleaning service clean your cork floor at least once per year. They have cleaning solutions and equipment that can clean your cork floor without damaging it. Use drapes and blinds to prevent excessive sunlight from getting onto your flooring. It is recommended to maintain the flooring by having it resealed once per year. If you take the necessary steps to maintain cork flooring, you should be able to enjoy it for many years.

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