How to Lose Inches Off Your Waist Fast: Trick from My Trainer

By: Alexa Bjorkin

Here's the plain and simple way to lose inches off your waist fast. It's actually kind of fun too. It will tone your abs, give you better posture, strengthen your core, and prevent injury of your core muscles.

So what is this simple "exercise" I'm talking about? It's the "Vacuum Pose".

All you have to do is pretty much suck in your stomach like a vacuum. But I don't mean suck it in a hold your breath. It's more like pulling your belly button in as if you were trying to make it touch your spine.

It can be done when you're standing or sitting, when you're waiting for commercials to be over or while you're surfing the net. It's so easy that you can even do it in public! Try it when you're making your daily commute or even when waiting in line - practically anywhere.

Doing this contracts your abs and tones the muscle melting inches off your waist! It keeps your abdominal muscles awake with oxygen and nutrients flowing to them all day long. It also forces your back to straighten so you sit up and stand taller, which makes you look stronger and more confident.

So here's how to do the routine and lose inches off your waist.

Suck in the mid section of your stomach as much as you can making sure to keep your shoulders down and breaths nice and even. Hold this position anywhere between 15-60 seconds. (Tip: Try this while you're waiting for the water to boil.) The longer you can squeeze the muscle the better. Relax your muscles and take a few deep breaths for about 30 seconds and repeat. Try this for a total of 5 minutes throughout your day for a total of 30 days and you will feel a loss of around an inch and a half from your waist.

If you want more noticeable results, as in 3-inches off your waist, do the "Vacuum Pose" for 15-20 minutes or as much as you want every day. This shouldn't be too difficult since you don't need anything else but a reminder to do it. Even when you're sitting in a traffic jam crawling along, DO IT! Make a game out of it! See how many sets you can get done before you get home. I bet you won't nod off behind the wheel or be so annoyed by the turtle-paced traffic. Make sure though that you pay attention to your driving; I don't want this exercise to cause you to wreck.

Doing this exercise will help with more than toning your abs and slimming your waist. It will make you look more confident; it will keep your stress levels down by taking your mind off things; it will entertain you while you wait, especially if you're inpatient, and before you know it you will SEE how to lose inches off your waist fast!

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