How to Look Great in Photos

By: Sara Hannah

When the camera comes out you can learn a lot about the people in any given group. On the one hand there will be those who throw themselves to the center flamboyantly and strike some sort of heroic pose, and on the other there will be those who cringe and try to sink into the background. If you are one of the latter then you will find that it's very difficult to avoid being in photos some of the time, and it's time to boost your confidence so that you can take center stage at weddings and parties in future. One way to do this is simply to work on becoming more photogenic, so here we will look at some ways you can accomplish this.

Find Your Good Side

It might sound stupid, but actually it's often very true that we have one side of our face that looks better than the other. Unless you're Tom Cruise with identical genes and perfect symmetry, little things like a droopier eye or teeth that don't line up quite as well can spoil your look. So spend some time in front of the mirror and choose which side you want to display next time you're in a photo.


And spending time in front of a mirror is good advice in general, and as with anything practice here can make perfect if you use the time to identify how best to smile in pictures. The secret is to come up with a smile that is friendly and genuine without turning your face into a mess of lines. Practice a few and take note of celebrities who have spent hours perfecting their grins.

Jaw Line

One of the most important things for making your photos look good is to find ways to enhance the definition of your jaw line. To do that you simply need to position your head and camera correctly. Where possible then, attempt to get a downward angle on yourself where possible, and if you can't then try cocking your head ever so slightly to one side and back which will eradicate any extra chins.


The camera allegedly adds pounds, so if you use some sneaky techniques to remove them then the resulting picture should be roughly accurate. One strategy for those carrying a little extra puppy fat who would rather this wasn't recorded for posterity is to try and get into the middle of people when you have group photos rather than going on the end. Another option is to link your hands behind your back which will puff out your chest and squash in your sides.


You can also get more from your figure by enhancing your curves with a number of stances (women only). For instance if you are modelling something then a great way to make your buttocks look better is to stick one leg out straight behind you and attempt to get a good curve in your back. For men wanting flatter stomachs conversely, putting a leg out straight in front and twisting slightly can accomplish that just try to make it look natural as possible.

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