How to Look Great for Your Family Portraits

By: Sara Hannah

Getting a family portrait done is a fantastic way to immortalize a moment in time and to ensure that you always remember your family as they were at that moment in time. It's a brilliant way to decorate the home, a perfect keepsake and something that truly belongs in every family home.
However a family portrait is only a good thing if it comes out well, and many people are horrified at the idea of a family portrait precisely because they are concerned about something that looks awkward and cheesy, or about looking bad in the photos. To get a great family portrait you need to spend time planning what you want it to look like and you need to make sure that you have prepared yourself for the picture.
At the same time you also need to think about how you are going to pose and the positions you want everyone in. This is something that the photographer will talk through with you, but it certainly helps to know what looks good for you and the kind of position you want. Here are some pointers to help your picture come out looking great.
Look at Other Portraits
First of all you need to think about how you want the portrait to look in terms of your positions and in terms of your surroundings. This is what will set the tone of the image and have the biggest impact on the eventual outcome.
When doing this you need then to make sure that you look at some other portraits for ideas. You can do this in Google images, or by asking a friend, and that way you can present to your photographer an approximation of what you want.
Have a Trial Run
Having a trial run where you take your family portrait yourself with a digital camera is a very good idea to help you choose what to wear and how to look. You might do your makeup in a certain way, or you might do your hair a certain way, and find that although it looks great in person, it doesn't translate well to film. This way you can experiment ready for the day.
At the same time you need to consider what other people are wearing when you consider your outfit. If you wear something that you think looks good without first consulting the rest of the family, then you can end up looking very odd indeed and you can end up with a picture where everyone looks casual and you're in a ball gown, or where everyone is in a completely different outfit. Work together on this one and try to coordinate colors too (though not too much which is creepy...).
Practice Expressions
As well as doing your dress rehearsal you should also practice trying out different expressions which will allow you to ensure you have your most photogenic face on on the day. Some tips are to find your best side, and to angle your head in a way that keeps your jaw defined.

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