How to Link Your Content to Top-Tier Websites

By: Jack Fernandez

The priority of SEO campaign is to promote content organically and editorially link to top websites of same niche. It sounds simple but without a great value why a top website link your website. The paradigm shift of online marketing from SEO to social media has forced online marketers to build communities that link building alone. Brands do not invest thousands of dollar just for gaining links, but they spend money to spread their brand.

Bridge the gap between your content

Uniqueness is not just from the point of view of language, but you need to find the gap within your industry. It doesn't mean you need to reinvent your content, but you need to add some new concepts. Before conceptualization your content, you need to clarify three questions:

  • What type of concepts could perform well within your niche?

  • What are the sources for new concepts? And what is the authenticity?

  • What is your target audience looking for?

There are tools such as BuzzSumo, which searches through popular content based on your query and give the results in various media such as articles, videos, inforgraphics etc. The tool also provide the statistical data of content shared across social shares.

Building the content

When you find the content gap, you can now plan your strategy. You can give an angle to the existing concept, but you need to answer following questions:

  • What will be the format of the content?

  • Who will publish the content?

  • How and why top-tier websites link to it?

  • How can the content be shared?

  • Will the content take multiple forms such as videos, graphics and article?

  • What will be the time frame of creating the content?

  • How to incorporate call-to-action within the content?

It doesn't mean you have to write a huge piece of work, but simply planning your content according to these points can create a great and attractive content.

Promoting your content

First you need to put your content to the right audience at the right time. The fact is, you don't need to reach millions of people, but to reach a few but influential people.

a) Organic outreach: First make sure you stop emailing everyone, even who you don't know. Mass mailing is an old concept and wasting of time and energy. After creating a valuable content, send across those people who can be your influencers and link you to high ranked websites. Email subject and body must be precisely conceptualized, otherwise you will lost it.

b) Paid promotion: Two most effective paid promotions in social media is reddit and StumbleUpon. You pay just $0.25 to get 1000 impressions within a targeted subreddit. For StumbleUpon, you pay $0.15 for a unique visit to your content in your niche. You can also use Facebook for your paid promotion, but Facebook is inexpensive if your budget is super low.

Also you can ask good bloggers to publish your content in exchange of money. The money depends on the negotiation and bloggers' reputation.

The objective of paid promotion is to reach as many target group across as many different channels. Suppose your ad is displaying on Facebook, then make sure, that must be displayed on Twitter as well.

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Jack Fernandez has immense experience in SEO tools, methods and professional SEO consultants. With this article, he aimed to companies provide relevant factors that should be taken care off while looking for SEO consulting services.

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