How to Know When You Need Eyeglasses

By: Emily Hernandez

You feel you have to wear eyeglasses. But this is only your belief; you are not certain about it. To help you decide if you should have one, you should seek the help of an eye specialist. Likewise, you may consider these simple ways to be able to know if you require glasses:

1. When you have to squint to be able to read signs or see things on the television clearly, it is time for you to see an optometrist so he can check your eyes and give you the appropriate glasses for you.

2. Do a search for an “eye test” image over the web. Print the one that bears several letters. Pin it on the wall and try to stand within the distance of 10 to 15 feet. If you realize that it is tough to read the other letters, specifically those that are still in the upper portion of the eye chart, get yourself an eye physician and prepare a visit.

3. If you have to get your eyes even closer to the screen, with only about five inches in distance from your laptop, smart phone, tablet or other similar devices so as to read better, this is usually a sign that it is finally time for you to wear glasses.

4. Test out your eyes by watching a sports game. Make sure that you are sitting on the sofa, which is 10 to 15 feet away from the television. Once the game’s score is displayed, try to read it. If you still have to lean forward or to squint only to accomplish this, you may have to look for eye clinics in your area or request referrals from friends so you can buy the most durable and, more important, suitable glasses for you.

5. You notice that whenever you use the computer much longer, you experience headache. The exact same thing happens when you read a novel of your favorite author. The days are gone when you are able to finish one book without struggling with headache. You may think about searching for eye clinics and have your eyes analyzed. You may finally need eyeglasses.

6. Look to the object or sign in front of you. Cover your right eye. Make sure that you do not push your hand or your vision will really look blurry. Can you see or read it plainly? Or, is the object or are the letters unclear? Do the same thing with your left eye. Is it also blurry? If yes to both or either of your eyes, call an eye specialist for appointment.

Be honest when the optometrist tells you to read the chart to evaluate your vision. Tell him what you can read and what you cannot so he can make right advice. Learn how to choose the best eyeglasses for you. You may request his assistance on this. Likewise, ask him if you are required to wear it all the time.

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