How to Install the Satellite Antenna Properly

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You may have installed the satellite antenna on the roof and are watching the exciting programs now; however, you can still learn something from this passage. If we just install a satellite antenna on the roof and donít consider other factors, you will later find some problem. The biggest is that the house may lose its aesthetic value. And or it may becomes the goal of thief. How to prevent these problems is the main topic which will be discussed here.

1.#Outdoor antenna installation. If you install the antenna inside the yard, you can use the function of tan(x) to calculate whether the signal is blocked by the wall. If the signal is blocked, we can add the height of the base of satellite antenna. If you think the antenna is too high to influence the beauty of the yard, you can use the method of installing the antenna inverted. If the building you lives in the tallest one in your region, just install the antenna in the center of the roof and thief wonít be able to find it unless he reaches the top. If you are worried about the rain, you can use the transparent plastic membrane to prevent the water.
2.#Terrace antenna installation. Install the antenna on the terrace has two advantages. The first is that you donít have to go up stair to fix your antenna if it breaks down and the second is that the process of adjusting will be much more convenient. The terrace will also give the antenna a good protection. However, it doesnít mean that install the antenna inside the terrace is always a good choice. If there is too much aluminum alloy on your terrace, the signal will not be able to reach the standard of decoding. You should install a larger antenna on the terrace so that you will get a better signal strength.
3.#Indoor antenna installation. If you do not own a terrace or it is too small, you can install the antenna indoor. If you want to change the satellite you receive regularly, this is the perfect way for you. You donít have to walk too far to adjust the antenna. In order to prevent the reduction of the satellite signal, we have to install the antenna behind a big piece of glass. You can fix the antenna using a trestle. However, some of the fans with great imagination even fix the antenna in the flowerpot!

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