How to Increase Your Prices - Make More Money and Excel by Increasing Your Prices

By: Gen Wright

Look around you at the prices people charge for products and services. In order for you to continue running your successful business, sometimes it's necessary to increase prices. There are several ways to do that.

--> Make more money by increasing your prices.

1. Give your customers increased value by adding more information to a product. An increased price is justified because your client is getting more.

2. Take an existing product and convert it into a high ticket product. You can easily do this by expanding out knowledge in the product's current format.

3. Increase the perceived value of a product by also providing a one-on-one consultation with the product. That personalized consultation also comes with an increased price tag.

4. Repackage into a bundle several of your products. Give an increased price because there really is more value.

5. You can add additional modules to your coaching program. You start out your program in a module formula. However, as you learn new information, you naturally desire to add new information modules to share with your clients.

6. Share case studies in a program all it's own. Sharing real live stories with business methods applied helps students avoid unnecessary mistakes in their own business. In the long run, this saves them time and money.

7. Set up a membership only package on an exclusive website. A personal service like this will naturally cost additional money. You can have different levels of memberships to appeal to different levels of budgets.

Responsible and realistic businesspeople know that sometimes prices must be raised. That's just good business. So instead of thinking that you're going to be hurting your business by demanding serious people to recognize the value of your business expertise, wake up. All profitable businesses occasionally increase their prices. There are many ways to do this.

--> Secrets to excel by increasing your prices.

1. Provide a customized membership service to your clients. Members will get password-protected access to an exclusive site just for members. As you're creating your membership program, of course your students expect to pay a premium for personal sessions to benefit from your expertise. As you're creating a membership program, remember to create different levels of memberships to appeal and fit every budget.

2. Consider offering a personal mentoring service for unique needs members. If your client has the money, and if you have the patience and special training, this could be a very unique niche within your entire niche. So, for example, let's suppose that you have a special client who struggles with cold calling. You could provide a special training just for that client to get over cold calling their business. And of course the training would be available at a premium price.

3. Consider offering a package series of past recorded teleseminars, or perhaps webinars. You could offer increased prices for CD programs of exclusive information products. When it comes to providing specialized information about your expertise, people expect to pay more money for that knowledge.

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