How to Improve Your Website’s Usabilty

By: Floyd lester

When you first began building your website, you probably had endless plans about it. How you are going to capitalise on it, or how you are going to improve your brand’s reach through the website. For the latter case, do not be surprised that several individuals had no idea of how to set up a website for this function, whether it was absolutely necessary or it was simply fuelled by the urge to feel sophisticated and modern.

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with that as even those who were so hopeful initially about building their websites have become unproductive with them. To quickly skim through the reasons for this unproductivity with websites, read ahead!

1. Many website owners had some sort of urgency when they were setting up the website. However, the need for urgency for whatever reason, declined and therefore the website accounts were no longer used.

2. Several website owners stopped using their websites the moment the business they had started with the websites backfired.

3. Others owners simply do not know how to go about using their websites to market and advertise their businesses or any other interests. They resort to clinging on the traditional methods of advertising and marketing horribly losing out on the various benefits, or simply sleeping on their fortunes that come initially.

4. Another reason is poor website structure leading to ineffectiveness.

You can hire out the process of building and hosting your websites to others because in the current market where every business is struggling to get a slot in the internet many business owners are confessing frustration if they can not host their websites. They maybe discouraged by the hardwork required or simply the fixed fees normally needed to set up a website. By the way, if you have a website that you do not intend to use, sell it out to others while you can! But how can you improve your website and make it work wonders for you?

Make it user friendly: Improve on the website’s user friendly features like easier and near effortless navigation for visitors to your website. This way, your visitors and most important customers will enjoy the website and probably start making purchases.

Visibility: Increase your website’s visibility by using leads and ads strategically positioned on the internet. Adopt the use of colourful backgrounds, and just enough lighting to keep it relevant. Too bright or too dull websites do not captivate to the eyes and hence keep off many potential visitors to your website.

Focus on readabilty: If by any chance there are difficulties in reading what you are trying to say in your website, your visitors will get frustrated and leave the page. Always adhere to proper language that well punctuated and legible.

Aim to entertain and impress: Use humuor albeit sparingly through funny graphics and language. Aim to put writings in short chunks rather than lengthy blocks.
These are just some of the simple methods through which you can improve your website’s usability.

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