How to Improve Your Home's First Impression

By: Alan Vincent

When it comes to doing interviews or going on dates, many people tell us that 'first impressions are everything'. The initial impression someone forms of us when we first meet that is, can be very hard for them to shake and can colour the rest of your interaction meaning that everything else is viewed through a distorted lens.

The same though can be said of many things, and this includes properties too. Walk up the drive of a home with overgrown weeds and smashed windows and your impression of that place is going to be low - the interior then would have to be amazing to win you over.

Thus if you want to impress guests or even potential buyers with your property, it's very important to think about the first things they are going to see. Here we'll look at what those are, and how to make sure they shine.

Door Handle

Few people think of polishing their door handles inside or out, but actually this is something many estate agents encourage buyers to do as it registers on an almost unconscious level. Add a bit of spit and shine to your front door handle, and you'll effectively buff up the whole home.


Having a nicely mown lawn is important not just for your first impressions but for your neighbours. If you can't bring yourself to keep it nice though, then you're better off going for an aesthetic alternative - such as decking or stamped concrete.


Cleaning your windows is the one thing you can do that will improve your property both inside and out. Choose your curtains well too, because of course the insides will be visible when approaching your drive.

Door Number

A door number doesn't just have to be boring and uniform, there are all kinds of more interesting numbers you can get such as LED ones or just more colourful ones. Likewise you could also look at giving your house a name which would bring a smile to people's faces.


The gates are the things people will be able to see even when just driving past your home. Don't think just about security here, make sure your gates are also pleasant to look at and that they match your home.


Not every front garden has a seating area, but if you can add one it will make a big difference to the impression your home make. A bench tells a story and conjures images of you sitting outside with a cup of tea or with your partner, which should make the home seem more desirable.


The paint on the walls of your house should be painted over at least every few years. This will help your home to stay looking bright and vibrant, and it will avoid it starting to look dull and neglected. Think about what colour you want to and be sensible picking.


A porch can provide a great place to greet people and again helps them to imagine life in your property. These come in all shapes and sizes so if you do get one make sure it matches the feel of your property.

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