How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Positive Outcome at Your Trial

By: Andrew Greg

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Positive Outcome at Your Trial

If you have been summoned to court for a criminal case then this can be a highly distressing and upsetting experience. None of us likes feeling 'guilty' and whether we are in fact innocent or not we probably had reasons for our actions and didn't anticipate the repercussions. At the same time, being summoned to court will mean you're going to have your reputation damaged, it means you're going to have to stand up and speak in public, and it means you're going to have to face speaking in public or generally being the centre of a negative kind of attention. Likely your main concern will be the outcome of the trial, but at the same time you'll find that your whole life gets thrown into disarray as you go through the process.

What's important though during all this is to keep your head and to think logically about how you can improve your chances of things going well and focus on the task at hand. By doing this you can avoid being overwhelmed and you can help yourself to stand the best chance of coming out the other side intact.

Here are some things to concentrate on...

Finding a Criminal Lawyer

First of all you should make sure to find a good criminal defence lawyer. Their job will be first and foremost to represent you in court and to help ensure that your case is as convincing and compelling as possible. They will speak in your place to convince the judge and jury that you are innocent or that there were mitigating circumstances that can be used to prove your innocence.

Decide On a Course of Action

Another way to ensure you stand the very best chance of getting a satisfactory outcome is to decide how you want to proceed. If the evidence is completely stacked against you and there's no way you can argue your case, then your lawyer may recommend that you plead guilty in order to stand the best chance of getting a reduced sentence. Likewise they may recommend that you try and settle with the prosecution outside of court, and this way you may be able to avoid the whole affair. You also need to come up with a good argument and take time to amass all evidence that might be in your favour.

Stay Polite and Calm

Bear in mind that you're now working within the system and you need to do everything you can to oil those cogs and make sure everything goes smoothly. If you have a short temper and show contempt for court, or are rude to police officers and not cooperative then this will damage your chances of a good outcome. Make sure then that you cooperate fully and that you are polite all the way through.


If things don't go your way despite your hard work, you shouldn't give up. If you ask your criminal lawyer to appeal the decision you can often get it overturned or at least have your sentence reduced and this is always worth shooting for.

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