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Flames and fire as protection for the environment

Information about the ecological warming at a low level of pollution of wood and charcoal lighter brown. Funnel cleaners of smoke and builders of terracotta stoves, as advisors. If you are planning construction of a new house or to renovate the house and if you want to install a heating system for solid fuels, then the best friends are the funnel cleaners. Fuel sellers and terracotta stoves builders.

Why not a fire?

This question is quite frequent in the construction of new houses. A number of owners of houses regret that did not include a fireplace, as it costs only 1% of the total and a decision is not so difficult. Including a fireplace offers independence in the choice of heating and later, remaining the possibility of installation of a secondary heating system.


All fossil fuels (coal, wood, oil, gas) have emissions to fire. Nowadays, it has become very important to use every possibility to keep emissions to the lowest level as possible. In addition to the advice of the smoke funnel cleaners, the seller of fuels and others, it is important to use modern combustion systems, fuel suitable and correct operating system with them.

Modern combustion systems for solid fuels.

The modern combustion upcoming trends. Decisive factors for purchasing their protection and Atmospheric thermal comfort result. In Germany, the number of nice terracotta stoves and semineelor grow by about 250,000 annually. They are used mainly as heating systems backup. Demand for stoves and fireplaces in houses is not restricted by aesthetic considerations, becoming the dominant economic considerations rates and emissions into the atmosphere. Old combustion systems have been considerable improvements made in reducing emissions.
Lighters from brown coal and wood fuels are ideal.

Long time, the coal lighters were a basic fuel for heating. Due to strict control of production and raw materials, lighters and quality parameters are constant. UNION REKORD lignite and is licensed and is an ideal fuel emissions reduced to burning. Another licensed fuel wood is dry (kept 2 years), preferable cut or wood briquettes.
Correct warmup with lighter brown coal and firewood
Using modern heating systems are not just a question of fashion. Three factors are needed to be taken into account: adequate fuel, the burning and its operation to correct them. One of the most important fact is certainly respect the instructions for use of the combustion. Fuels such as plastics, paperboard, wood TRAST are not shown to be burned. Breaking these rules will lead to the emission of toxic gases:

Lighting fire

Light the fire with aschiilor wood, coal briquettes and wood thin. Position switch to control air ignition position, and then close the door of the stove. After the flame stabilizes, the switch regulating air may be placing the desired temperature.

Constant burning.

If the fire is lit, ventilate and put a little charcoal lignite. Seated switch from air to lignite. The charcoal. At night, put 2-4 lighters and check that they were lit, and then close the switch and the morning air will be warm.


To conserve energy and the environment using only the fuel as necessary. The combustion and its connection to the stack must be maintained regularly. Lack of maintenance will lead to a decrease of combustion efficiency and emissions further. Consider the following when you plan a new heating system: Check the prospects ban burning of fuels or you'll need to connect to a system of district heating. How to react if the ban burning solid fuel in your city:

1. Contact your Local Council and ask for information
2. Contact distributors of solid fuels.

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