How to Have Incredible Adventures and Enjoy Something New

By: Sara Shepard

If you ever feel a sense of cabin fever about your life and that things are a little more boring than you would like then this can be a very disconcerting feeling that nags at you until you do something about it. We watch films and read books partly because we want a little bit of escapism from our daily routine, but also often to get a sense of adventure that is sourly lacking in our regular lives. We evolved in the wild where we would spend most of our time tracking down our prey and fighting them with sticks and home-made weaponry, and would have spent the rest of our time scaling cliffs and running through jungle. Life should be more like that if you want to avoid going crazy and you need to make sure that you have at least some adventure in your life. Here we will look at how you can do this and how you can get that real feeling of excitement that many of us are lacking.

Discover Something New

One of the most important aspects of any 'adventure' is the sense of discovery that comes from finding something new or seeing an entirely new view. When you come over the top of a mountain and see an incredible view of a land you've never seen before then that's living and it will give you that feeling of discovery and awe.

One way to do this is simply to travel, but to get the real sense of wonder you need to travel to the places that are a little less typical and a little more unique. For instance you might want to visit an exciting vibrant city with a new culture such as Hong Kong or Tokyo, or you might want to visit the desert made entirely out of salt. It exists... go find it!

Another way to discover something completely unlike anything you've seen before is to head underwater. Under the sea is an entire world that looks completely alien and is completely unlike anything we have above ground. Dive into caves, see unusual sea creatures, and look at bizarre plant life and you will feel like you're touching down on an alien planet. Really quite incredible. Most resorts will offer you some kind of diving opportunity though you will need to do lessons and get certification first in order to be allowed to dive. It's cheap though and it's something anyone can do.

You can also discover something new in your own home in some cases and this is possible for anyone with a little scientific curiosity. Science really is discovery and adventure and it's pioneering into things we previously never understood. If you can get yourself a telescope and look at the moon in exquisite detail then this can really feel like an adventure.


The other aspect of adventure for some people is adrenaline and that means hurtling down a mountain or falling through the air. To experience this make sure you don't just go on holiday but that you do something there whether that means renting a go-kart or going mountain biking.

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