How to Handle Change as a Powerful Leader!

By: lee stemm

Have you ever heard “if only he or she would change, it would make things a lot easier”, or ‘this is a great article I need to ensure that my team reads so that they will change”. Change is an interesting topic and I was speaking to another coach and he was saying to me ‘do not use the word change, as people are resistant to change’. Now this is really interesting as I believe that if you do not grow, evolve and change throughout your life then you have to come to the realization that; “this is as good as it gets”. Now I don’t know about you however I would like to hope that with my wisdom and actions; that things will get better in my life. That I can achieve my goals and aspirations and that my opportunities are out there just waiting for me to take action. That through further development of myself and through implementing my successful strategies so that I can create a business that is aligned with my aspirations and desires.

I remember an interesting story that I heard from John Maxwell. The story went like this – He was told of an incident involved two men fishing at the side of a peaceful river bank. He noticed that one man would reel in fish after fish and he would measure it with the size of his hand. If the fish was larger than the size of his hand, he would immediately throw the fish back into the river setting it free and available for anyone else who happened to be fishing at that time. Of course after a while the other man asked his friend,” why are you throwing back the big fish and keeping the small fish?” He automatically replied, “I only have a 6 inch frying pan and the big fish will not fit into my pan, so I discard all the big fish. Now just think about this, at times do you discard big ideas thinking that they are impossible. Albert Einstein said “We are boxed in only by the limitations of our minds?” So I put this to you, what are you doing to expand your mind so that you can fit those big ideas into it without discarding the ideas straight away?

Change is an important role of Leadership and around personal development. The main purpose of leadership is to be able to influence others to change. These changes that will create more powerful relationships, more productivity, and more empowerment. You can only change yourself if you consciously decide to change. Nobody can do it for you. You can not change another person. The change process could bring resistance because it is more comfortable staying unchanged. The question is do you want to live a comfortable life, or do you want to live an enriched fulfilled life?

So here are the five keys to assist you in the change process:

1. What you think is a reflection of your beliefs
2. Explore your expectations raise the bar for yourself
3. Your attitude is your approach to leadership + life
4. Once your attitude is changed then change your behaviour
5. Now you can change your performance and achieve the results that you want

In this article I am going to explore the first key to personal change which is the way that you think which creates your beliefs.

1. How you think will create your beliefs. Everything that you do first comes the thought or the idea. Your thinking will create your beliefs; therefore what you think you will belief is true to you. If you think in the negative then you will find evidence to support this line of thought. However imagine if you started to think about the things that you really want in your life, then you will start to find evidence that you can truly create this. Therefore if you think that you are not a good leader then you will find evidence that you are not the leader. You will stay exactly where you are, no change occurring. However below the level of your consciousness is the great treasury of your subconscious mind and that is the part of your personality we do want to begin to influence through our new thought-patterns. Remove the limitations that have been set and understand what you are seeking for. Open the doors of your conscious mind now, and begin to see the possibilities and opportunities for you to think differently now.

Move to the top with your thinking. At the top there is plenty of room to stretch have fun and build your dreams, heaps of room at the top. Down at the bottom where mediocrity lives, is cramped, boring, complacent and everything is just normal and routine. The same thing happening every day and even the same excuses and stories that you hear every day.

“Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard, than anybody else expects of you”.

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