How to Go About Making Your Design a Reality

By: Olson Dudley

All of us have hopes, dreams and ideas, and these are what keep many of us from going crazy while we're trapped working in the office or stuck on the long commute to work. We all dream that one day we'll get out of the repetitive monotony of boring 9-5 work and come up with some great invention that can make us proud or that will make us rich. In fact most of us even know what this invention would be – and you've probably sat doodling it and dreaming at work as you think about how it could change the world or at least change your life.

The problem is that for many of us these remain pipe dreams as we don't really believe we could make them a reality. This is a terrible shame though and means that we will forever live a life where our reality doesn't live up to our fantasies. But it needn't be the case – as actually there are many ways you can go about making your designs into a reality and getting your products and inventions out there. Here are some ways you can make it happen.

Get Funding

One way to make your dream a reality is to get funding for your dream product. Kickstarter manufacturing makes it very possible to do this as it means you get 'crowd sourced' funding – everyone who likes your idea chips in to make your dream a reality and you don't have any of the debt or responsibility that comes from taking out a bank loan. But if you don't manage to get funding for kickstarter manufacturing, then you can also invest your own money, ask a wealthy relative to take a chance on you, or look for investment from a bank or an angel investor. Failing that you could even get funding from one of the many reality TV shows that deal in this kind of thing such as Dragon's Den – if your design is good enough then why not?

Make it Cheap

At the same time there are also many ways you can make your product cheaply so you don't need that much money from your kickstarter manufacturing. Back in the day you would have needed to be highly wealthy and to spend a lot of money building a factory to make your product, but in the modern age you can outsource manufacturing so this really isn't a big deal. This means that you can simply make your products by sending off the designs to plastic injection molding companies or 3D printing companies and have the products produced exactly to specification.

Advertise Online

And once you've ordered your products from your outsource manufacturing? Then you need to sell them of course – and thanks to the internet this is again much easier to do than it ever has been before. All you need to do is to set up a website and use SEO to get it to the top of the search engines and then you can start selling your product – and in that moment, your dream has become a reality.

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