How to Get a Leg Up on More Experienced Investors

By: peter V

Joe and Leslie are both real estate investors. Joe has over twenty years experience in “the business,” and boasts that he has done every type of deal known in real estate investment. He has massive experience when it comes to doing short sales, negotiating directly with banks and even with creating land trusts and other safeguards to help his buyers and himself avoid potential complications with real estate transactions down the road. In short, Joe is an expert when it comes to real estate investing.
Leslie, on the other hand, is a “newbie.” She’s attended a few seminars, and is very excited about getting involved in real estate. She researched, negotiated and purchased the home she lives in now without the help of a real estate agent, and she got a great deal by using some creative financing that she learned from a mentor along the way. However, she can in no way be considered an “expert” in real estate investing because her real-life experience is just plain lacking.
So how is it, then, that Leslie and hundreds of “newbies” like her are generating major wealth through real estate investing while experts like Joe are struggling to make ends meet? The answer is simple: Leslie is not afraid to ask for help, while it just plain does not occur to Joe.
Being an “expert” is not a handicap, but it can contribute to stalling your real estate investing. In this changing economy, knowing it all is a big advantage, but it can also work against you if you already have a lot of properties that you are struggling to maintain or if you have a system in place that is no longer working. As a result, newer investors are dominating the real estate investing arena when it comes to success because they are more flexible in many cases and more likely to take on a team or mentor who can help them navigate the sometimes confusing aspects of real estate investing.
People like Leslie have the best of both worlds when they create this type of team because they have their own flexibility combined with years of know-how. It is a nearly unstoppable combination, and it is taking today’s real estate investing market by storm.
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Peter Vekselman has been successfully investing in real estate since 1996. He has completed over 1200 real estate deals, owned a construction company, been a private lender, and owned a property management company. Peter currently works with clients all over the US helping them achieve riches in real estate investing. For more information please visit Real Estate coaching

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