How to Get Ripped with a nourishing yogurt recipe to lose stomach fat

By: Vin Parkman

Do like to eat yogurt but you're looking for a powerful tasty snack that is low GI/GL and you know the typical yogurt has too many flaws? I have a few solutions to help you you out which will fit into your lifestyle fitness program. I refer to them as power yogurts. The main snag with yogurt is they are loaded with sugar. The issue with the low sugar yogurts are they are laden with artificial sweeteners.

There's a quick fix for this but it'll take you five minutes of prep time. These recipes are so versatile and straightforward you are able customise them to fit your tastes. They are already full of protein, fiber, and phytonutrients plus producing a very nutritional snack which would fit into any range of diet plans. I'll start off with my favorite. This one is a Blueberry Power Yogurt. Once you have got the outline you can customize them to your own personal tastes

Here's the 5 ingredient which you will need to create 4 servings:

1. 32oz plain low fat or fat free yogurt
2. six TBS milled flax seed
3. four Scoops of plain or vanilla protein powder (I like a mix of whey and casein)
4. one cup of frozen blueberries
5. ¼ cup crushed almonds, pecans, or walnuts

Now the easy part. Place everything into one large mixing bowl and combine thoroughly.

The end result is an entire snack that will keep you content and your blood sugar stable for a few hours until your next meal. Here is the calorie breakdown for one serving.

Calories 316
Fat - 8g 24% of the calories
Carbohydrate 27g 35% of the calories
Fiber 4.5g
Protein 32.5g forty-two% of the calories

You can mix this up several ways. If you're allergic to nuts or don't need them you can include a few additional tablespoons of flax to the recipe. The flax is loaded with Omega three's, lignans and other helpful phytonutrients. The blueberries add some added fiber and antioxidant power. Use any fruit plus add up to two cups rather than 1 cup to add extra carbohydrates. If you are looking to scale back the protein/carb ratio you can simply add only 2 scoops of protein powder rather than 4. The recipe is outstanding for anyone that is weight training if they are looking for something with muscle building power.

If you are a chocolate lover use your favorite chocolate whey powder plus mix some raspberries in there. Add 4 tablespoons of cacao nibs instead of nuts for an extra antioxidant chocolate punch

Other fruits that work nice are any berry such as strawberries or raspberries. I even have used cut up banana in addition to apple to present it texture and any mix as well. The fruit will provide the plain yogurt all the flavour you need. This makes four servings but it can typically be divided into six-8 smaller servings dependent on your own dietary needs. Combine it up in a single container or purchase several single serving containers to scoop it out for a quick pre-measured snack.

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