How to Get Rid of Stress and Tension with Herbal Hypertension Remedies?

By: Norwyn Frank

Hypertension causes consistent rise in blood pressure over several weeks and this is one of the key factors responsible for coronary heart diseases. It increases pressure on circulatory system and this can affect the immune system. It also increases blood cholesterol and causes clumping of cholesterol which blocks blood vessels. Excess amount of acidic digestive juices are released in stomach due to stress which can cause gastric ulcers. It enhances risk of infectious disease and gastric disorders.

Research on stress find the HPA axis and the autonomic nervous system (which are significant for immunity) are activated by stress and it provokes the release of endocrines from adrenals and pituitary causing negative changes in central nervous system. Clinical trials on men and women found those who were chronically stressed were deficit in hum oral and cellular immune response. It has been observed that stress can trigger Parkinson in humans as it causes striatal degeneration. Certain studies state most neuro-endocrine stress axes start through metabolic syndrome. In that case, how to get rid of stress and tension?

Hypertension is also associated with metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and inflammatory activities. Stress is a stimulus which activates the hypothalamic-pituitary- adrenals axis in brain - the one related to the sympathetic nerve system that enables organisms to adapt to potential threat. Herbal hypertension remedies provide bio-compounds to relax mind. Extract of Arjuna Myrobalan has cardio tonic effects and it is able to reduce heart rate (that increases due to increase in blood pressure) and can normalize blood pressure.

How to get rid of stress and tension using such herbal hypertension remedies and how to identify the best herbal cures? A lab test on rats found Arjuna was able to exert rehabilative and prophylaxtic protection and this could reduce both fibrosis and hypertrophy (of heart muscles). The herb has been found to be protective against stimulant-induced cardio-toxicity and catecholamine.

A study found the herb extract - 100 to 200 mg per kg was able to attenuate the rise in triglycerides in hypercholesterolemic rabbits where the reduction in LDL-C and HDL-C was up to 80 percent. It can protect gastric tissues from ulcers and was effective against alcohols. The herb contains Arjunolic Acids and Arjunic, and the potency of antioxidants is more than vitamin C.

Stresx capsules contain a set of anti-stress herbs including Arjuna myrobalan, Bacopa monnieri, Convolvulus pluricaulis and Withania somnifera. Bacopa can reduce anxiety and depression in people in age above 65 and could increase blood flow to brain cells, while, reducing blood pressure (via actions of Bacoside A3 & Bacopaside II).

Convolvulus pluricaulis in the herbal hypertension remedies Stresx capsules is used as brain tonic, laxative and nervine tonic which can be taken to reduce fatigue, neurosis, anxiety, and cognitive decline, and promote calmness as well as treat insomnia. The herb is rich in manganese, zinc, copper, iron and magnesium. It, individually, has many bio-compounds to provide ways to how to get rid of stress and tension. It can provide protection against aluminum induced and scopolamine induced neurotoxicity. It has anti-stress and anti-ulceration effects in the gastro intestinal path in response to alcohol and aspirin.

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