How to Get Rid of Cloth-wrappers

By: yang

Some people seem very successful no matter in study or in career. They are always thought of highly no matter by teachers or their bosses. However, they have their own problems. There are a group of people just like who I have described. But they are so unsatisfied with their personalities for they are always swayed by considerations of loss and gain. What's worse, they are usually very concerned about what other people think of them so that they can not bear that there are any mistakes in their works or studies.
If there are too many cloth-wrappers on the back of a man, it will be hard for him to walk fast and freely. So what is the cloth-wrap in your heart? It is your past success and your present responsibilities and you care too much about them. You think that you can not afford to lose them. In other way, you will break down if all the successes are away from you. As a result, you have to walk slowly and carefully all the time.
Why do many successful athletes announce that they will start from the very beginning? It is because that they are afraid to bear the heavy cloth-wrapper in their hearts, which will influence their performances in the next match. At the beginning of establishing a business, people usually are decisive and do not need to think about the problems too carefully. Because they do not have too much to lose. However, when they have achieved something, they will become cautious step and step. It will be more and more difficult for them to make a decision. They will be swayed greatly by the considerations of loss and gain. In fact, what the successful people are afraid most to lose id their faces. They are always successful and they are expected to do well all the time. What's more, they are not used to unsuccessful selves. Who can all the time be successful? No body. It is normal that you have your own disadvantages so do not be scared to expose them in public for that is what you really are.
A man feels sad when he is afraid of losing what he has, and he will be even sadder when he can not get what he are desired of. In our daily lives, we have to learn to give up something and if a man wants everything and is unwilling to give up anything, in the end he will get nothing.

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