How to Generate Sales – The Smart Way

By: Daniel Lucas

Generating sales is a crucial skill to master in business because it is the one task that results in a transaction of goods from buyer to seller. Any for-profit business ought to concentrate on performing the tasks that bring in sales. Sales is not a method of forcing a prospect to make a choice he does not want to do; rather, it is the art of guiding the prospect through a proven thought process that allows the prospect to convince himself of the need to obtain the value in the goods or services offered.
The first thing to do when generating sales is to attract qualified prospects to the person who should be in a position of leadership-the seller. If people perceive the seller as an expert, then they will come to the seller ready to buy. The psychology behind the law of attraction is that prospects come to the seller and not vice versa. Positioning is everything. The prospect should make the decision to call the seller, walk into a store, or in some manner initiate contact with the seller. The seller can create this environment through marketing, such as using a website, business cards, signs, or even word of mouth.
Once the customer has contacted the seller, it is essential to continue to establish rapport and gain confidence from the customer that the seller is a solid source of information. No one likes to be pitched a product, opportunity, or service because it shifts the importance from the customer to the seller or the product. People like to feel in control, so interact with the buyer on a personal level; offer an honest compliment, discuss a topic that the buyer enjoys, and connect with the buyer. Discover what the buyer wants to accomplish. The customer should come to like the seller and want to receive some specialized knowledge and value.
Now that the buyer feels in control, it is best to go after their emotional needs. Find a source of pain in their life and aggravate it so that it is on the tip of their mind, then offer a solution. Keep in mind that people respond more to what they are going to lose than what they are going to gain and focus on that. Fear is one of the best motivators. Customers are also motivated by the ease of accomplishment, as well as feelings of prestige such as fame and money, so provide solutions to those wants. Additionally, people take action to a reward or gift for taking action; it makes them feel that they made the best choice. Make sure the customer can answer the question, "what is in it for me?" Focus the sale on the customer's emotion for the greatest conversion.
Always remember that business, and thus sales, is all about establishing relationships with people. Make empathetic comments, ask good questions, and closing sale will present itself.

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