How to Fix a Stuck Garage Door

By: Jeffrey M Chen

Your garage protects your vehicle and other possessions kept within it, safe and secure. Discovering that your garage door does not open or close properly anymore, can be highly frustrating. A stuck garage door results in your vehicle being left out in the elements, or worse, still stuck inside the garage! Calling out for a repairer can be time-consuming and fairly costly, so it's a good idea to find out how to fix the most common problems associated with a sticky garage door first. Below is a list of the most common problems associated with a garage door that is sticking, and a few helpful tips and tricks for getting your door in proper working order once again.

Inspect where the problem lays

Check over your garage to source where the problem is coming from. Inspect the garage door rollers for any damage, and inspect to see if the door track spacing is a inch away from the door edge. Make sure that the tracking is still in place correctly, not warped or damaged in any way. If the garage is automatic, check the remote and wiring for problems.

Fix the problem

If you able to source correctly where the problem lays, then set about repairing. If the problem is damage to the door runners, then purchase replacement rollers at a DIY (home improvement) center. Remove the faulty roller then replace with the new one. If you suspect the problem lays with the door track spacing then correct the spacing by tightening or loosening the lag bolt which secures the track bracket to the wall. The tracking should be a inch away from the door edge. If the tracking is out of place, warped or damaged, then repair or replace. If the garage is automatic and you suspect that there is possibly a problem with the electrics, tackle only the basics, unless you are a qualified electrician. First, check for simple problems, such as dead batteries in the remote. Also, reset your garage door automatic opener by unplugging it from the mains. At times the system can become overloaded and will cease to work correctly. Simply unplugging from the mains may in fact solve the issue. If resetting has not helped, check that a fuse has not been blown. Check too if any circuit breakers been tripped.

If none of these things seem to be the problem, do not attempt anything further and make that call to a professional garage door repair company. Garage door cables are attached to brackets which are under extreme tension and would be dangerous to meddle with, if untrained. Trying to make any repairs in this area on your own could result in personal harm. It is much safer in this case to call out a trained technician to inspect what the problem is and carry out the repairs on your behalf. A trained garage door technician will have the right experience and tools for all kinds of garage door types, from panel lift garage doors to tilt to roller garage doors. Check your local directory or online for garage door repair companies.

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