How to Find the Best Keywords for your Website

By: Anthonyzlinks

Keywords are the needed aspect to assure any kind of website is optimized to properly target an audience. The main mistake many individuals make when building a website is they guess their keywords instead of scientifically researching the web. By researching competitors and utilizing the Google keyword tool you may build the best list of keywords to assure you are targeting your proper audience and not missing out on valuable traffic.

Firstly, develop a strong list of your direct competitors who are currently ranking #1 on Google. How do you find them? Simply search Google for the product you are hoping to sell and see who pops-up. While on their site right click and view html source. This will bring up a whole bunch of jargon html, but what you need to find in it are meta tags. Look for meta keywords and meta description tags which are more easily found if you enter CNTL + F and search directly in the find box for the word meta. Build a full list of keywords use across multiple competitors.

Secondly, take this list and we will scrub it against the Google keyword tool (that comes free with a simple adwords account) and you will be able to review which of those keywords are getting the most natural traffic. You may be surprised to see how your competition who is ranking number one on Google is currently not even optimized on their keywords (after you’ve compiled a strong list using multiple competitors).

From here select all the keywords you feel are most relevant mixed with highest traffic volumes. Many may find that if they went along guessing their keywords instead of researching them they would only have been targeting 60% of market searches. This is a great free solution with a little bit of work behind it that can give you some great ideas of what to pump into your site and what kind of meta descriptions and page titles would optimize your site. Keyword knowledge is a part of proper SEO that when coupled with some link building can aid your site in proper optimization.

Once these proper keywords are found the goal is to incorporate them onto your website both in the meta tags along with on page content. It is important to assure you are not using them too often and Google webmaster tools provides an evaluation service which searches your site and will notify you if you are keyword spamming. A good practice may be using important keywords in your meta description tags, once or twice on page content, and in the footer. It assures your website is targeted for the proper audience, yet does shoot up red flags to Google that you are a spammer.

When writing the meta descriptions with your keywords and page titles be sure to use the keyword phrases that you are most relevantly targeting to attract your audience. Perhaps, use your key phrase on important page titles and write descriptions that fully use your key phrases but not repetitively. This presents the best opportunity to show Google when keywords you are targeting, yet not flag an spamming.

The key is not the quantity of keywords or the repetitive list of them, but the quality. With this your pages will be as optimized as can be both in meta tags, on page content, and in the footers. Building the on page work should be mostly complete and from there it is moving to off-page seo to complete the work of getting you site number one.
In conclusion, the strength of your company’s ability to attract the correct audience depends on your ability to directly target that audience.

By researching, selecting, and implementing the proper keywords you give your website the best shot to bring in traffic. This is the foundation of building a system that allows users to have the type of structure that puts forth a good website as a base, allowing later, the pursuit of offsite SEO. The offsite seo will be more so related to link building and such, yet will still involve utilizing keywords in tags, meta descriptions, and titles of articles.

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