How to Find the Best Classical Dancer in Kolkata

By: Jhonthon Trot

In India music has always been an integral part of life. Like singing, dance has also been an important part of Indian culture for centuries. Since time immemorial different classical dance forms and practices have thrived in different parts on India. It goes without saying that there has rarely been a country as unique as India. The diversity of Indian culture just cannot be ignored. Every region of India is completely different from the other and that is why dance forms are too. While ‘Kathak’ has been very famous in North India, ‘Bharatnattyam’ has been the favorite form of dance in South India. Gradually, with the passing of time, various parts of the country started to embrace each other’s dance forms and what previously used to be just devotional art form, slowly started to become a much loved form of art. However, compared to other Indian cities, Kolkata is much advanced in this field. It can be said that as this city is practically the cultural capital of India, there is no dearth of Dancer in Kolkata.
Another of the most noted Indian classical dances is Manipuri. It is the collective name given to the dance and performance traditions that actually is the heritage of the Meitei people of the state of Manipur. Like most other forms of Indian classical dance, this dance also originated as a devotional form of art. While performing this dance, a Classical Dancer in Kolkata depicts the traditions that are associated with ‘Rasleela’, and ‘Natpala’. On the other hand, the folk and indigenous elements are derived from ‘Lai-haraoba’. Manipuri has been long recognized as a classical dance form in India. One thing that should be noted is that this is a very contained and controlled in its range and there is absolutely no exaggeration of either movements or facial expressions. As Manipuri originated as a theatrical art form, the entire repertoire is differentiated into two broad types for the male and female characters: the ‘tandava’ (masculine) and the ‘lasya’ (feminine). Although it is possible for a single person to master both the forms, it can be very difficult to do so as each of these forms of Manipuri is very demanding in very different ways.
When it comes to classical dance forms, it is not hard to find a good Dancer In Kolkata. Being the city of music lovers, Kolkata has a lot of scope for all the budding dancers. Here, most of the parents want their kids to become famous dancers. For this they need to learn the skills of various classical dance forms. For any good Classical Dancer In Kolkata the basic skills and techniques of the dance have to be very strong. There can be no denial to the fact that these skills can properly be mastered only with the help of an accomplished Guru. It is the proper training that enables a dancer to be versatile in later years. The stronger the skills and training are, the better the dancer is.

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