How to Find a Nanny

By: Joseph B Moore

Hiring a nanny is a big decision for any family. Who to hire is an even bigger decision. The safety of your family and children is paramount, so you do not want to take any chances while deciding who you let into your house. How do you make this important decision?

1) Ask the candidate to fill out an application form

Prepare a detailed questionnaire with all the questions you would need answers to. These questions should be aimed at knowing who the person is and why is she right for the job. Questions should be about her family background, educational qualifications, work experience, future goals, etc. This will tell you where the person comes from, what he or she does currently, what is their purpose in seeking out this job, etc. A strong family background is an additional reason to choose the person as it tells you, you can trust him. The prospective nanny should also give you the personal identification details you ask for. Ask her to list out her last three addresses so that you can verify and get an idea about her background. An untrue person will refuse to give you all details you have asked for. So this will also enable you to narrow down your options.

2) Opt for a background check

Once you have narrowed down your candidate list, choose to go for background checks. Background checks will give you an assurance that the nanny you intend to hire is worth your trust. Inform the nanny that you intend to conduct this check and if the nanny refuses, consider it a red flag. A nanny that refuses the test must have something to hide. While choosing who to give the job of conducting the test, choose quality over price. It will be one single investment with long reaping returns. There are many websites that offer to look up the nanny for you. You can entrust them with the job.

3) Ask for references

Ask her to provide you with the addresses of her previous employers, in case she has work experience. If that is not the case then you can contact her teachers and relatives. Since they know her they can provide you the details that the application form will not. When asking them for their opinions ask them would they are willing to hand her the responsibility of their kids. Their answer will help you in making the decision.

4) Work with a nanny providing agency

A nanny providing agency is a company that forms the bridge between prospective employers and nannies. Most agencies enlist only experienced and qualified nannies. These agencies have a complete database with all the details required for you to make a decision. From this database you can locate nannies by submitting your specifications. Or you can post an advertisement on the website and eligible candidates will contact you. After narrowing down your list, you can talk or meet the nanny to take the final decision. Working with such an agency means no running around looking for someone qualifies for the job. You can find her in the comfort of your home.

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