How to Find Customers for a Retail Store - part 2

By: wayne kiltz

In the last article in this series, we talked about some of the hardest ways that people try to build a customer base for a store. We also talked about why these methods do not normally work well. This article will give some ways of finding new customers for a retail store that can work much better.

There are many different ways to find customers for a retail store. The traditional way is to open a store and wait for people to come. If this is not bringing you as many customers as you want however, try one or more of the ideas below.

Home parties:
Home party marketing is one of the fastest growing ways of selling products today. Your products are perfect for home parties when they are unique and hard to find. Guests at a home party will see things that they can not have any other way. When people discover the benefits, history, and meaning, of the products that you offer, they can become almost irresistible.

Festivals, flea markets, street fairs, and special events:
These are some of the most popular ways to find new customers for your store. These can be difficult if you need to close your store to display at a show like this: especially because so many of these markets are held on weekends and other times that may be busiest for your store. But you can meet hundreds of new customers this way.

The secret to marketing your store this way is to keep track of the potential new customers that you meet. Even if someone does not buy from you at the festival, they can remember you later when they are ready for something. Be sure to have handouts to leave with any visitors; and try to get as many names and addresses as possible for a mailing list of your own.

The people who you already know.
Make a list of everyone who you know. You should end up with a list of at least 100 names. If you can not think of 100 names right away, don’t worry. Keep your list with you, and add names to it for the next weeks whenever you think of someone new. Almost everyone knows more than 100 people.

Contact everyone on your list to let them know what you are doing. This is a fun job, because it is fun to stay in touch with your friends. Your friends will want to know what you are doing; and will remember this when they are talking to their friends. And each of these people knows 100 other people too, so the word of mouth advertising you can get this way is huge.

If you want to find customers for a retail store, look for the right kinds of people. Instead of looking for anyone and everyone, focus your efforts on the people who will come to your store, and who will come back to you to purchase again. You will have more customers (and more money) six months from now this way, than you will if you try to present yourself to the whole world.

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