How to Ensure Success in Your Slip and Fall Injury Claim

By: Sheila Byron

Slips and falls are accidents that happen every day that we tend to accept them as normal incidence. Some though result in severe injuries that victims must take measures to file a claim. The pile of doctor bills, absences from work and others have to be properly reimbursed. But how do you start? Think about these as guides, which include choosing slip and fall injury lawyer:

1. Be sure that the accident has been recorded.

Documentation is very important because it will serve as your primary source of evidences that you can present to the person accountable for the unfortunate event. Using your smartphone or tablet, take full pictures of the location where you slipped or fell. This will show that there is no warning sign displayed in the area. It will be better if the area has skid or slip marks. Emphasize them in one or two of your photographs. Additionally, take images of your clothes if it is immersed with liquid or is stuffed with dirt. Of course, picture the injuries you sustained. In case bruises appear a day after the event, document them as well.

2. Go to the nearest hospital or medical clinic.

Seek medical assistance. If you can, ask somebody to take photo of you while you are talking with the doctor and while you are undergoing treatment. Get copy of the medical record as well as the doctor’s prescription. They can serve as proofs as well.

3. Call the attention of property owners, building managers, employees and others.

Report the accident soon as it happens. Talk with the property owners, workers, building administrators and others. They will act to your problem and ask their insurance adjuster to discuss issues with you or they will pay no attention to you, acting as if they are not liable to the misfortune.

4. Establish liability.

Generally, this is not a simple task. You may have no or little information about the laws on safety. A very important thing to do then is to seek out slip and fall injury lawyer. He knows the ins and outs of safety laws in properties and others. He can establish that the factors that prompted the slip or fall were under the control of the offender. More important, he has networks and resources to get additional proofs, such as building plans.

5. Tend not to make any reported statement without being represented by a legal professional.

Do not feel happy when the property owner sent insurance adjuster to your home. He may have the aim of acquiring recorded statements that will make the accused not liable for the accident and will make it appear that you are the one to blame. Tell him that you're going to go over the matter with your lawyer or to wait until you are able to hire one.

Slips and falls are common incidents but when they cause extreme injuries, establishing liability or responsibility is the most difficult when processing a claim. It is for this reason that you will need to seek out slip and fall injury lawyer. While you are in search, consider taking the other necessary steps above.

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