How to Eat "Healthy " When Eating Mexican Food.

By: Mike Edminster

It's definitely a challenge to eat healthy when eating Mexican Food. I get it!!!! I love Mexican Food as much if not more than you. My first date with my wife was Mexican Food with Margaritas. I live in Houston, Tx ( One of the TEX MEX Capitals of the world with some of the absolute best TEX MEX in the world) ( I said "one" because San Antonio and Austin are right up there with Houston) To make matters worse, my wife and I have had Mexican Food and Margaritas every Friday night since we met, (17 years ago) and so, it has kinda become a family tradition, and not one I'm going to give up anytime soon.

Living a fit and healthy life is not about deprivation, but about being aware of the dangers and limiting them whenever possible. I don't know about you, but living a fit and healthy life is about getting more enjoyment out of life, and giving up Mexican Food. NOT!!!! (It is one of the pleasures in my life)

So, what do you do? I don't know what you do, but for me, I know that this occurrence will happen every Friday night and so I take it into consideration and reserve it as my "cheat meal" or one of my "cheat meals" for the week, because I know there will most likely be some things that will definitely be "outside of my menu parameters" In addition to that I try to minimize the dangers, because as a result of my nutrition education, I am aware of where the dangers are. How do I do that?

1.The salsa and guacamole are incredibly good and healthy for you. The fried corn chips not so much. (Always ask if they have baked chips - still not the best choice - but seeing as you can't know what oil they fried them in, you have to assume they are fried in a cheap oil loaded with trans fats) If I know we are going to a Restaurant where baked chips are unavailable, I will take my own gluten free, almond crackers (Nut-Thins) - not the box - but just the aluminum package they are in. I've never had anyone call me on it and can't imagine they would - I'm saving them money - this way you can still enjoy the salsa and guacamole guilt free ( Even if queso is on the menu it eliminates a lot of the bad)

2.If you love the tacos in the fried shells, or the enchiladas all I can tell you is that you'll have to just mark it up to a "cheat meal" ( I worked in a Mexican Food Restaurant in College and they usually dip the thin corn tortillas in oil to make them pliable before they roll the tortillas) (If you are familiar with my philosophy and how I lost 50 lbs of fat, you will know that I advocate at least one cheat meal every week and that you you should never indefinitely give up any food you love - anything else sets you up for failure from the start) As for me, I love the fajitas, beef to be more specific. Sometimes, if I can do without the tortilla, I will mainly consume just the meat mixed with sour cream, guacamole, fresh jalapenos, and pico de gallo. However, sometimes the restaurant has tortillas that are so good that I can't resist them, but they are usually larger than they need to be to make the fajita - and so I will rip off all of the tortilla that is not necessary in order to wrap just the "fixins".

3.The Margaritas - as part of my nutrition education, I had to find out how detrimental the margaritas were(calories wise). Dang - I ruined it for myself (not to say that I still don't occasionally have one), so I'm not going to tell you here how many calories a typical margarita has - google it if you have to know. Suffice it to say that unless this is your definite "cheat meal for the week" you are far better off ordering a light beer or a glass of wine.

The main thing is to educate yourself about where the dangers lie, and then enjoy yourself guilt free and do the best you can. If you know that you violated your food choice parameters, don't beat yourself up over it and give up, just do the best you can to make up for it in the coming week. Eating out at restaurants is as much of the culture in the U.S. as is having an adult beverage with that dinner. The key, as always, is in being educated and knowing where the dangers lie and avoiding them as much as possible. Just make your choices wisely my friend.

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The preceding article is by Mike Edminster of Mike lost over 50 lbs of fat and maintains that fat loss to this day thru the implementation of a fit anfd healthy lifestyle. He is passionate about educatihg others about the dangers of the Standard American Diet and the dangers it poses to our healthy weight maintenance and is working toward a certification as a "Fitness Nutrition Specialist" Learn more at:

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